News at Medicine - April 2016 - Coming together to enhance professional development and educational scholarship

Coming together to enhance professional development and educational scholarship
April 25, 2016
Groups within the Faculty of Medicine are on the move; as of April 18, the Office of Professional Development (OPD) (formerly known as Professional Development Conferencing Services, or PDCS) and the Medical Education Scholarship Centre (MESC) have joined forces and are now sharing space.
The mandate of MESC is to foster research and development in medical education, while supporting faculty and students in developing expertise in medical education scholarship. The mission of OPD is to support the professional development of all faculty and support the enhancement and maintenance of competencies of health care providers and students.  OPD also aims to advance lifelong learning through evidence-informed continuing professional development (CPD), scholarly research and collaboration.

“The move to house both groups under the same roof is one that made sense to us,” said Dr. Vernon Curran, associate dean of educational development. “All of the services that both groups provide will continue to be offered, but we believe that by co-locating, we’ll be enhancing those services. The missions of both groups will continue to be upheld.”

OPD underwent a rebrand last fall to reflect the changes in the restructuring of the office to focus more on professional development and less on conferencing services. Conferencing services are now operated out of the Faculty of Medicine’s HSIMS (Health Science Information Media Services) group.

Dr. Curran assures that while a number of staff will be relocating, phone numbers and email addresses are all staying the same. “The majority of staff are now moved into their new locations, so there shouldn’t be a disruption of service.”

“We are looking forward to this new chapter in MESC and OPD,” said Dr. Curran. “Faculty development is a key area we are looking to grow, and by having the offices now co-located, we can draw upon resources in both units more successfully.  We’re excited.”

A full list of MESC and OPD staff room locations can be found below.

Name Office Affiliation Office # Phone # (864)
Charan, Anuj OPD HSC-2965 4916
Coles, Lorna MESC HSC-2961 6272
Coombs, Sheri/Mercer, Karen OPD HSC-2961 2898
Coombs-Thorne, Heidi MESC HSC-2966 6419
Curran, Vernon OPD/MESC HSC-2982 3346
Deacon, Diana MESC HSC-2974 6351
Delong, Dan OPD HSC-2969 4956
Faculty Director/Students OPD HSC-2973 4978
Fleet, Lisa OPD HSC-2968 6074
Glynn, Robert OPD HSC-2964 2872
Hynes, Bridget MESC HSC-2960 6271
Kirby, Fran OPD HSC-2984 4999
McGrath, Gerona
MESC HSC-2972 6335
McLeod, Sonya OPD HSC-2970A 2990
Mesh, Cecilia OPD HSC-2962 4941
Pardy, Todd OPD HSC-2971 3342
Peddigrew, Arlene OPD HSC-2969 4918
Perez, Ritche OPD HSC-2963 2869
Shorlin, Stephen MESC HSC-2976 6270
Simmons, Karla OPD HSC-2975 6054
Whitton, Cynthia OPD HSC-2970 4947