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Medical Education Scholarship Centre

Medical Education Research - Current Research/Scholarship Projects

The members of the Medical Education Scholarship Centre provide many levels of support to faculty, residents and students involved in education research. Specifically, the research assistants at the centre are involved in managing and coordinating the design and implementation of research plans and proposals, including data management, analysis, and dissemination.

Here are some of the research projects with which the centre is currently involved.

  • Long-term retention of the Rourke Baby Record e-module among medical Family Medicine and Paediatrics residents (Dr. Leslie Rourke and Dr. Anne Drover)
  • Evaluation of the new integrated Anesthesia-Surgery rotation in clerkship (Dr. Jeremy Pridham)
  • An evaluation study of an Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) assessment system in Undergraduate Medical Education (Dr. Katherine Stringer and Ms. Diana Deacon)
  • A pilot study – a self-assessment reflection application for medical learners (Dr. Michael Bautista and Dr. Gerard Farrell)
  • A study of the Likert scale and qualitative comments in faculty evaluations (Dr. Alan Goodridge and Ms. Gerona McGrath)

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