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Medical Education Scholarship Forum 2015

The third Medical Education Scholarship Forum was held on December 1, 2015 in the new Medical Education Centre. More details are available on the Forum Page.

_MED9189.jpeg The Atrium in the new Medical Education Centre at MUN
_MED9206.jpeg A poster presentation at the 2015 MESC Forum

Medical Education Scholarship Forum 2014

The second Medical Education Scholarship Forum was held on May 29 and 30, 2014, in Memorial University's Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation.

The program for the 2014 forum may be viewed here

Medical Education Scholarship Forum 2012

On November 22, 2012, the first annual Medical Education Scholarship Forum was held at R.Gushue Hall.  The forum was an opportunity for students and faculty in the Faculty of Medicine to further their medical education scholarship and professional development.  Attendees had the option to provide an oral presentation and/or poster which would showcase their efforts and accomplishments with respect to medical education. In total there were 83 attendees, with 12 oral presentations and 31 posters

The forum commenced with a talk from guest speaker, Dr. Trudie Roberts of the Leeds Institute of Medical Education. Following her talk, entitled “How to Succeed in Medical Education Research”, undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff presented their research.  The closing plenary consisted of a presentation by Dr. Susan O’Leary and Dr. Mary Wells.

A reception followed and prizes were awarded for oral and poster presentations  Dr Sharon Peters, vice dean, awarded Dr. Peter Daley the award for best oral presentation and Dr. Alison Drover the award for best poster.

For more details please read the full news story.

The proceedings of the 2012 Medical Education Scholarship Forum have been published. You can read the abstracts at

Dr. Trudie Roberts from The Leeds Institute of Medical Education gives the opening plenary.

 Drs. Alan Goodridge and Noel O'Regan with presenter Dr. Michael Crozier
The MESC staff and Dr. Trudie Roberts


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