Medical Education Scholarship Centre

Staff Contacts

Vernon Curran

Associate Dean of Educational Development
B.A. Memorial, Dip.Ad.Ed. St. Francis Xavier, M.Ed. Dalhousie, Post Grad. Cert. British Columbia, Ph.D. Guelph

Room # H 2982
Office of Professional Development
Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL
A1B 3V6
t: 709 864-3346
f: 709 777-6576

As Associate Dean, Dr. Curran provides oversight for the activities and operations of the Medical Education Scholarship Centre (MESC), Office of Professional Development (OPD) and the Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education (CCHPE); and co-oversight of the Clinical Learning and Simulation Centre (CLSC).

Steve Shorlin     Ph.D
Teaching Consultant

t:709 864-6270
f:709 777-6032

Steve is responsible for the development and implementation of programs to facilitate and support effective teaching practices.
Lorna Coles     C.B.Ad., C.PS.Ed.


Lorna provides support for the day-to-day functions and administrative activities of the office.  She also assists with program evaluation, assessment, research and other related duties.
Heidi Coombs-Thorne     PhD
Research Assistant III

t:709 864-6419
f:709 777-6032

Heidi provides research support to faculty, residents and students involved in educational activities by managing and coordinating the design and implementation of research plans and proposals, including data management, analysis and dissemination.
Diana Deacon     M.Sc., M.Ad.Ed.
Education Specialist – Student Assessment

t:709 864-6351
f:709 777-6032

Diana is a resource to individual faculty members, groups, committees and programs to support the development and adoption of reliable, valid assessment tools and systems.
Bridget Hynes     C.B.Ad
Academic Program Administrator

t:709 864-6271
f:709 777-6032

Bridget provides academic and administrative support for activities related to accreditation, program evaluation, faculty development, assessment and research.
Gerona McGrath     MBA, M.Ed.
Education Specialist - Program Evaluation

Room 1650, HSC, St. John's, NL
t:709 864-6335
f:709 777-6032

Gerona provides educational support to the UGMS Program Evaluation Sub-committee and acts as a resource to faculty in the development and interpretation of program evaluation reports, methods and tools.