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Ensuring patient safety through simulation and education

In real-life situations when seconds matter, confidence and preparation are critical. Facilities like our state-of-the-art Clinical Learning and Simulation Centre (CLSC) teaches a myriad of complex procedures without risk to patients. We now have an opportunity to advance our educational expertise and technical capacity, to provide the best possible care to the people who need it most.

Technology is progressing at an exponential rate. You can ensure that we keep ahead of the curve, using advanced teaching methods as we continue to produce world-class physicians and medical scientists.

Equipment needs include:

  • Task trainers: Lifelike models of body parts that allow repeated practice of a specific skill such as lumbar punctures, urinary catheters, intravenous, tracheotomies and prenatal examinations.
  • High fidelity mannequins and software: Anatomically correct, computer-based mannequins that simulate realistic clinical situations ranging from basic skills to life-saving interventions such as birthing and cardiac scenarios.
  • Cardiac rhythm simulators
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Birthing tables
  • Crash carts
  • Operating room tables
  • Mobile simulation unit
  • Virtual reality anatomy tables and trainers


Your support will secure equipment, software and resources that will enhance the learning environment for your health-care providers of tomorrow. The more realistic the situation, the more immersed a learner can be so they can maximize the experience to expand their knowledge and increase their confidence.


You can empower the CLSC with a leader in this field, one who will bring great talent to Memorial.
This expert will take the Faculty of Medicine to the next level by developing and implementing innovative ideas on the use of this ground-breaking technology, maximizing its application as a tool for improving patient safety and quality of care.

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