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The Building a Healthy Tomorrow Campaign for Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine is about improving our health through medical education and research.

The greatest gift is good health. This campaign is an opportunity for everyone to join in the pursuit of that goal.

We are committed to building a healthy tomorrow by educating tomorrow’s doctors, providing the best possible care and conducting research that makes a difference.

Right now we are making an important difference, but with your help we can do much more. We are at a tipping point, so close to a new reality in our ability to change and save lives, to foster medical breakthroughs, to evolve our local health-care landscape, to reach across the globe.

The critical health challenges affecting
your community,
your family
and you
need to be boldly addressed
with progressive thinking and sound investment.

Supporting tomorrow’s physicians and scientists
is the key to finding solutions to these challenges.


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The Building a Healthy Tomorrow Campaign


Three Priority Areas


Tomorrow's Health-Care Leaders


Safety Through Simulation

Research that Makes a difference

Empower tomorrow’s physicians and medical scientists.
Improve patient safety through experiential learning. 
Enable research related to unique health-care needs.

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