Health Research Unit

Health Research Services

The Health Research Unit provides services to organizations and agencies interested in conducting health research.  This includes:

  • designing research studies, methodologies and data instruments
  • conducting data collection and management
  • analyzing and interpreting the results of data analysis
  • reporting study findings.

Project Management
Our services inculde project management which oversees the reseach process and included management of research personnel, database creation and management, estimates for project costs and budgets, and data quality and assurance.

Research Ethics Board Submission
The HRU can provide services that aid in applying for research ethics approval, from the two research ethics boards in Newfoundland and other boards.  This would included assistance in selecting the correct ethics board(s) to apply to, completing the application, application submission, and providing any follow-up support as needed.

Survey Design, Implementation and Administration

Services provided by the HRU include, questionnaire (survey) design, formatting, pre-testing and administration.  Surveys can be administered via mail-outs, telephone or personal interviews, or through web-based data collection.  Management of data collected is also included.  This would include the recruitment and management of particpants.  Our interviewers are highly skilled and are trained in a variety of techniques for qualitative and quantitative research.

Data Management
These services would include database design and management, input of data collected from surveys and questionnaires, and data file management for analysis in statistical software packages. Our data services include: data entry, coding and cleaning.

Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies
The HRU collaborates with researchers in the Division of Community Health and Humanities at memorial University.  The faculty have a wide range of expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Knowledge Translation and Exchange
The HRU will assist in or prepare reports that interpret and synthesis data that arise from health research.  Our services include report preparation and dissemination.