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HRU Research Projects

Year ▼ProjectNameKeyWords
2012-2015Organizational Ethics in the Midst of Crisis: Examining the Perceived Roles and Responsibilities of RHA Boards with Regard to Monitoring QualityEthics
2012-2013Assessing Pain: The Deaf Community’s ExperienceAssessment tools evaluation, Deaf
2012-2013Developing a Wellbeing and Resiliency Index for Happy Valley – Goose Bay in the Context of Rapid Economic ChangeCommunity Wellbeing and Resiliency Tool
2012-2013Assessing the Adequacy of Dietary Intake of Senior Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador – a Pilot StudySeniors, Dietary Intake
2011-2015Safety and Immunogenicity in Adults of Revaccination with Adacel Vaccine 10 years after the previous dose Clinical Trial
2011-2012Nutrition Survey ValidationNutrition
2011-2012Assessment of Palliative Care Needs of People with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on DialysisPalliative Care End Stage Renal Disease
2011-2012Psychological impact of ARVC and Sudden Cardiac Death in Newfoundland familiesarrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) sudden cardiac death (SCD)
2011-2012A study of groundwater quality of private wells in Western Newfoundland communitiesWater Quality; Environmental Health
2011-2012Assessment of Housing and Homelessness Issues in Happy Valley-Goose Bay 
2010-2012Ever Green Program EvaluationPublic Health; Mental Health; Health Economics; Health Service Utilization; Program Evaluation
2010-2012Eating Disorder Interprofessional Community Capacity Building (EDICCB)Nutrition; Program Evaluation
2010 - ongoingMPH Program EvaluationProgram Evaluation
2010Privacy Protection and Biobanks: A Conjoint Analysis of Priorities and Preferences of Stakeholder GroupsPrivacy; Biobanking; Personal Health Information
2009Examining quality of life and health outcomes after hip fracture in urban - rural Newfoundland -- a pilot studyPublic Health; Health Services;
2008-2011What are the determinants of a successful and sustainable program delivery as it applies to child nutrition programs in Newfoundland and Labrador?Nutrition; Child Health; Program Evaluation
2008-2011Learners and Locations: A Pilot Study of Where Physicians Train and Practice Physician Retention; Geographic Information System
2008-2011Kids Eat Smart Program Delivery EvaluationNutrition; Child Health; Program Evaluation
2008-2009Enhancing Public Health Decision-Making with Geographic Information Systems: Strategic and Business PlanPublic Health; Geographic Information Systems
2007-2008Development of a Partnership and Research Framework to Assess the Outcomes of Acute and Chronic Low Back Injuries in Three Canadian Provinces Public Health; Chiropractor
2007A Review of the Health Status of the Residents of the Long Harbour-Mount Arlington Heights areaEnvironmental Review
2007Public Attitudes Towards Harm Reduction Strategies for Injection Drug Use (Telephone interviews, St. John’s, NL)Injection Drug Use; Harm Reduction
2007Survey of Provisionally Licensed International Medical GraduatesInternational Medical Graduate; Physician Retention and Recruitment
2007Referral Patterns for Neuromusculo-skeletal Conditions in Newfoundland and LabradorChiropractors; Health Professionals; Referral patterns
2006-2008Community Pharmaceutical Care Program: Bridging the Care Gap for Diabetes Management in Newfoundland and LabradorDiabetes; Public Health; Program Evaluation
2006-2007Tele-oncology Program EvaluationTele-Oncology; Program Evaluation
2006Needs Assessment of People who Inject Drugs, St. John's NLInjection Drug Use, Needs Assessment
2006“What’s Best for Baby”: Breastfeeding Practices Among Adolescent and Adult Mothers.Maternal Health; Child Health; Breastfeeding
2005Findings from the Bell Island Telephone Survey: Part of Phase I, Bell Island Health and Well Being Needs AssessmentNeeds Assessment; Community Health
2005Provincial Autism Pilot Project: An Early Intervention Study 1999 to 2003: Program EvaluationAutism; Program Evaluation
2005Assessment of the Primary Health Care Needs in the Downtown Area of St. John’sPrimary Health Care; Needs Assessment
2005Defining Public Health Capacity: Newfoundland and Labrador ReportPublic Health Policy
2005Burin Health and Community Needs Assessment, Telephone Survey ResultsEastern Health; Needs Assessment
2005Mill Lane Enterprises: Cost Benefit Analysis - An evaluation of the Mill Lane program (Phase 2)Cost Benefit Analysis; Mental Health;
2004-2007“Sorry You Can’t Have That Information”: Stakeholder Awareness, Perceptions and Concerns Regarding the Disclosure and Use of Personal Health InformationPersonal Health Information; Privacy
2004Provincial Task Force on the Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease in Health Institutions and Ambulance Services: “Back to Basics”Communicable Disease; Preventative Medicine
2004Analysis of Focus Groups with Health Professionals and Women with Eating DisordersEating Disorders; Health Professionals; Women’s Health
2004Assessment of the Professional Practice ModelHealth Services
2003Mill Lane Enterprises: "A step-by-step process…" An evaluation of the Mill Lane program (Phase 1)Mental Health; Program Evaluation
2003Women and Housing: "Hammer and Nails"Women's Health; Housing
2003Evaluation of Food Fortification with Folic Acid for the Primary Prevention of Neural Tube DefectsMaternal Health; Public Health; Intervention Evaluation
2001-2002Impact of Regionalization on Governance in the Health SystemHealth Services; Regionalization
2001-2002Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Newfoundland and Labrador -- "A Constant Struggle..."Autism, Needs Assessment
2001-2002Determining the Needs of Blind and Visually Impaired Aboriginal Peoples in Atlantic CanadaAboriginal; Blindness; Community Capacity Building; Needs Assessment
2001Health and Literacy Action ConferenceLiteracy; Health
2000Transitional Rehabilitation Needs of Youth and Young Adults with Physical DisabilitiesRehabilitation; Program Development
2000Breast Cancer Genetic Testing SurveyBreast Cancer; Genetic Testing; Women’s Health
2000Professional Practice ModelHealth Services
1999Attendance Management StudyOccupational Health
1999Needs Assessment for Grenfell Regional Health ServicesHealth Services; Needs Assessment; Regionalization
1998-2000Folic Acid Fortification and Neural Tube DefectsMaternal Health; Folic Acid; Neural Tube Defects
1998Hibernia Offshore Telemedicine Project: EvaluationTelemedicine; Program Evaluation
1998Breast Screening Program EvaluationProgram Evaluation; Women's Health; Preventative Medicine
1998Pre-Natal Nutrition: Baseline Data StudyMaternal Heath; Program Evaluation
1998Community Health Resource Project: a study of the social and economic impact of HIV in NewfoundlandPopulation Health; Health Economics; HIV; Needs Assessment
1997-2000Multidisciplinary Service and Teaching UnitsHealth Services; Primary Health Care; Program Evaluation
1997A Review of the Health Status of the Placentia Area, NewfoundlandEnvironmental Review
1997An Evaluation for the Better Hearing for Seniors ProjectPublic Health; Senior's Health; Program Evaluation
1996A Needs Assessment for the Newfoundland Lung AssociationPulmonary Disease; Needs Assessment
1996Institutional Services Branch Review: A review of services provided to its external customersHealth Services
1996Development of Child and Adolescent Health Indicators for the Province of Newfoundland and LabradorChild Health; Adolescent Health; Health Indicators; Health Services
1996Review of Services – Survey of Human Resources for Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologists and Recreation Therapy PractitionersHealth Services; Allied Heath Professionals
1996Effectiveness of Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain Among Persons Receiving Worker's Compensation – A Pilot StudyChiropractor; Program Evaluation
1995Cholecystectomy in Newfoundland and LabradorHealth Services
1995The Newfoundland Cesarean Section Study: Follow-UpHealth Services; Maternal Health
1995Community HIV Prevention ProjectHealth Promotion; HIV Testing
1994Enhanced Cancer Surveillance: Pilot StudySurveillance
1994Newfoundland Health for the Year 2000 Project: A Review of Newfoundland Health StatusHealth Indicators; Population Health
1993Canada's Health Promotion Survey 1990: Newfoundland ProfileHealth Promotion
1993Rural Physician Recruitment Retention in Newfoundland and Labrador: Potential Initiatives Identified from a Review of the LiteratureHealth Services; Physician Recruitment; Physician Retention
1993Population – based Health Indicators and a Supporting Database for the Health Regions of Newfoundland and LabradorPopulation Health; Health Indicators
1992, 1994-1995The Newfoundland Cesarean Section Study I, IIHealth Service; Maternal Health
1992Review of the Health of the Population of Placentia/Long Harbour AreaEnvironment Review; Public Health; Cancer
1992Ontario Heart Health Survey – Data Preparation and AnalysisPopulation Health; Heart Health

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