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Health Research Unit

Staff and Faculty Members


Charlene Simmonds, Ph.D. (on Leave)
Telephone #: 709-864-6656

Nicholas Fairbridge, Ph.D.
Interim Manager
Telephone #: 709-864-6643

Mercy Winsor, M.Sc. (Candidate)
Research Assistant
Telephone #: 709-864-6648
Faculty Members

David Allison - MD, FRCPC
Clinical Associate Professor of Community Medicine

Jill Allison - BA
Coordinator - Global Health Office
Rick Audas - BBA, MBA, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Statistics and Economics
Bill Bavington - BA, MD, DTMH, MPH, FACPM, FRCPC
Honorary Research Professor
Sharon Buehler - AB, MA, PhD
Honorary Research Professor of Epidemiology
Catherine Donovan - BMedSC, MD, MHSc
Associate Professor of Clinical Public Health
Veeresh Gadag - BSc, MPhil, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics
Diana Gustafson - RN, BA, MEd, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Science and Health
Olga Heath - BA, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor
Chris Kaposy - BA, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Care Ethics

Victor Maddalena - BN, MHSA, PhD
Assistant Professor in Health Policy and Health Service Delivery
Maria Mathews - BA, BCs, MHSA, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Policy/Health Care Delivery

Shree Mulay - BSc, PhD
Associate Dean and Professor, Community Health and Humanities
Daryl Pullman - MA, PhD, BEd
Professor of Medical Ethics
Barbara Roebothan - BSc, MSc, PhD, RDt
Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

Atanu Sarkar - MBBS, PhD, MES
Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health

Carolyn Sturge Sparkes - BEd, MEd
Coordinator - Aboriginal Health Initative

Martha Traverso-Y├Ępez, PhD
Associate Professor
James Valcour - BSc, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Peter Wang - MD, MPH, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology
Roy West -  MSc, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Yanqing Yi - MSc, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics 

Benjamin Zendel - BA, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor of Aging and Auditory Neuroscience
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