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Reminder to researchers that health research projects for ethics review need to be submitted to the HREB rather than to ICEHR.  For more information, please read here

Interesting course to take into consideration:
Education 6461: Graduate Research Writing
Academic unit: Faculty of Education
Semester(s) normally offered: Winter semester
Instructor: Dr. Cecile Badenhorst
Contact to register: Darlene Flight (

Course description
In this course, students will learn how to write as emerging scholars. Designed around writing a research project, the course will deconstruct academic writing genres such as research conceptualisation, literature reviews, writing the methodology, research proposals, thesis writing and constructing arguments. The course also covers writing processes, techniques and strategies that will aid a procrastination-free and productive approach to writing. Finally, students reflect on themselves as writers as part of the process of cultivating an identity as a scholarly writer. This course links theory and practice, and provides graduate students with a range of practical techniques and strategies. Who should consider doing this course - those students who are doing a thesis (Masters or PhD level), or students who want to publish their research in scholarly journals. While it is not essential, you will definitely get more out of the course if you have already completed your data collection. All activities are based on your work, so you will need a project or data to work on - this could be a research proposal, a grant proposal, a chapter or a journal paper. This is an intensive writing course with a max of 15 participants and only registered students can attend (no auditing).
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