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Discipline of Genetics

Graduate Students  2017

 Name Program Supervisor Thesis Topic
Christie Costello
M.Sc. Dr. Guangju Zhai Eicosanoids and Osteoarthritis
Aaron Curtis
Room: M5M321


M.Sc. Dr. Sevtap Savas Interactions among the variables that may influence cancer outcomes
Daniel Evans
Phone: 709 864-6662
M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Michael Woods Characterization of Mendelian Disorders in Newfoundland using whole exome and candidate gene approaches
Gerissa Fowler
MSc - PT Dr. Curtis French Discovering genes that regulate vertebrate blood vessel development 
Alexia Hawkey-Noble
M.Sc. Dr. Curtis French Expression of the TMEM43 gene in Zebrafish Cardiac Tissue and Modelling of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in Zebrafish. 
Matthew Nelder
Room: M3M301


M.Sc. Dr. Guang Sun Discovering the Endocrine and Dietary Factors of Childhood Obesity: A Newfoundland Study
Justin Pater
Phone: 709 864-6674
Ph.D. Dr. Terry-Lynn Young The Genetics of Sudden Cardiac Death
Julia J. Pennell

M.Sc. Dr. Michael Woods Proposed Research Topic: Genomic and functional analyses of Newfoundland intracranial aneurysm families
Jurgienne Arizza Umali


M.Sc. Dr. Curtis French Zebrafish, Danio rerio, as genetic models of Glaucoma associated with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.
Salem Werdyani
Room:  M5M318
Phone: 709 864-6627
Ph.D. Dr. Terry-Lynn Young Identification and characterization of genetic variations in the Newfoundland population and their association with multiple medical conditions
Yajun Yu
Room: M5M321
Phone: 709 864-6659


Ph.D. Dr. Sevtap Savas Genetic and epidemiological studies investigating the susceptibility and outcome risk in colorectal cancer
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