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Michael King - Research Assistant, MSc. Medicine, BSc. Psychology and Biology (Honors)

     I began my undergraduate degree at Memorial in Psychology in 2001 and joined the Joint Honors program in Psychology and Biology in 2003. Under the supervision of Dr. Joe Brown, I completed my Honors research in 2005 in fish physiology at the Ocean Science Center. During my Honors work I developed a stronger interest for Biology and in 2006, I started my MSc. in Medicine (Neuroscience) with Dr. Karen Mearow. The primary focus of my work was to elucidate the role of Heat Shock Protein 27 (Hsp27) in protecting neonate rat cortical neurons against ß-Amyloid, a suspected pathological protein aggregate in Alzheimer’s Disease. Shortly after completing my MSc. I began working with Dr. Sun in the spring of 2009, first part time and later as a full time research assistant.
     The Sun Lab has rigorous atmosphere and it is both welcoming and supportive. In my short time here I have learned a plethora of new skills; both interpersonal and laboratory (Real time-PCR, DNA Isolation from blood and Saliva etc.). The nature of Human research versus animal is that you can have a little more dialogue with Human participants. Both my experience in Neuroscience and research in Obesity have inspired me to treat weight issues from my original starting point in academia: Psychology. I am currently applying for a PhD Clinical Psychology with a particular career goal to treat youth with Eating Disorders.