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Kristina Sheridan - MSc. Student, BSc. Kinesiology (Honors)

     I began my undergraduate degree at Memorial University in Kinesiology and joined the Honors program in 2008 under the supervision of Dr. David Behm. My Honors research consisted of determining the optimal recovery time for plyometric exercise with 1, 3 and 5 minute time intervals. In my undergrad, I also volunteered in Dr. Fran Kerton’s Green Chemistry Lab researching ligand synthesis. After Graduating in the spring of 2009 I began working as a SWASP student with Dr. David Behm where I completed testing on static stretching as well as ITT and MVC.

     I started working in Dr. Guang Sun’s lab this past summer full time and began my Masters in Medicine (Human Genetics) in September 2009. My research project consists of determining the association between genetic variations in GHRL and circulating Ghrelin, regulation of food intake and body composition in the Newfoundland population. I enjoy my time here in the lab, the research assistants, fellow students and my supervisor are all very helpful and I know this will be a very educational experience.

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Kerton, F. M., Holloway, S., Power, A., Soper, R G., Sheridan, K. , Lynam, J.M., Whitwood, A.C.& Willans, C.E. Accelerated syntheses of amine-bis(phenol) ligands in polyethylene glycol or “on water” under microwave irradiation. Can J Chem; 2008, 85(5), pp. 435-443.