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Kristian Green - MSc. Student and 1st Year Medicine, BSc. Biochemistry (Honors)

     I first began my work in the SunLab after being granted a Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) by the Memorial University Faculty of Medicine in May 2007. During this time I entered dietary information from our research volunteers food frequency questionnaires in order to build up our database for analyses regarding nutrigenomics and obesity.

     In September 2007 I began working on my Honors in Biochemistry with Dr. Sun as my supervisor. My dissertation was related to how dietary protein intake in the general free-living Newfoundland population associates with body fat percentage and obesity. I graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biochemistry in May 2008.

     My honors research was then expanded into a Masters project which I bagan to work on in September 2008 here in the SunLab. We have found significant negative associations between dietary protein intake and all measures of obesity (weight, BMI, % Body Fat, % Trunk Fat, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio) in the Newfoundland population with a sample size of approximately 1600 volunteers. These associations remained significant even after controlling for potential confounding factors including age, physical activity levels, total caloric intake, menopausal status in women, smoking and medication use.

     I am currently working on the second portion of my Masters project which is to investigate the relationship between common genetic variations in the CART gene (a gene which codes for a known food intake inhibitor) and total calroic intake, macronutrient intake, and body composition in our Newfoundland population sample. I will begin my studies as a medical student here at Memorial University of Newfoundland in September 2009.