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Farrell Cahill - PhD. Candidate, MSc. Kinesiology, BSc. Kinesiology (Honours)


   I obtained my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology(honours) at Memorial University from the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, during which time I took part in two peer reviewed journal publications under the supervision of Dr. David Behm. I then went on to obtain a Master’s of Science degree(MSc) in Kinesiology at the University Manitoba. During my MSc I worked under the supervision of Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, during which time I was a part of four journal publications. My master’s thesis investigated the effects of whole body hypothermia on voluntary activation of elbow flexors. However, during my MSc I was also a research assistant for Dr. Phillip Gardiner at the Spinal Cord Research Center at the University of Manitoba. My time in this laboratory exposed me to various rat wet labs techniques while also participating in investigations on the passive and active electrophysiological properties of rat hind limb motorneurons. During these investigations I contributed to two journal publications.

   Returning to Newfoundland in the fall of 2007 I continued research at Memorial University with Dr. Antony Card. We first investigated the levels of physical activity in rural schools throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. During our second project we collaborated with the University of Waterloo to complete a national biennial survey(Youth Smoking Survey) in our province, which provides both national and provincial data on youth smoking rates as well as attitudes and behaviours of Canadian children and adolescents with respect to tobacco. Also, upon my return to Newfoundland in the fall of 2007 I began human thermoregulation research with Dr. Fabien Bassett and the National Research Council. Our investigation was the effect of lower body cooling on the changes in three core temperature indices.
   In September 2009 I began work on My PhD in Human Genetics with Dr. Sun as my Supervisor. My work in this laboratory will be related to the endocrine, nutritional and genetic causes of obesity. Specifically, I will be investigating the individual and joint effect of the major gut hormone mechanisms in energy homeostasis through gut-brain communication to determine their effect on appetite(food intake), insulin resistance, body weight, body fat distribution, and obesity. I will also be investigating the genetic associations between the sequence variations in the genes for the major gut hormones investigated.


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