Discipline of Medicine

Program Committees

Competency Subcommitee (formerly Progress and Promotion)

Voting Members
Dr. Iram Anees (GIM RPC member)
Dr. Jatin Morkar (Program Director)
Dr. Sahar Iqbal (Discipline of Medicine Faculty)
Dr. Jessica Downing (GIM Resident) 

Non-voting Member
Education Specialist - Assessment

Careers Subcommitee (formerly Admissions and Careers)

Dr. Iram Anees (Chair)
Dr. Sahar Iqbal (Discipline of Medicine Faculty)
Dr. Jatin Morkar (Discipline of Medicine Faculty)
Dr. Evan Wee (GIM Resident)

Curriculum Subcommitee (new committee based on former Program Evaluation Subcommittee)

Discipline of Medicine Faculty (1)
RPC Member (1)

Resident (1)

Ex Officio members
Education Specialist - Program Evaluation
Program Director

Research Mentor (attendance by request)