Discipline of Medicine

Office of the Chair of Medicine

Dr. Sean W. Murphy B.Sc. B.Med.Sc., MD, FRCPC
Chair of Medicine
tel. 709.864.2880
email: chairofmedicine@med.mun.ca
Room 2832

Sandra Mooney
Secretary to the Chair of Medicine
tel. 709.864.2880
email: sandral@mun.ca
Room 2832A

Melissa Oliver
Academic Program Assistant; Financial & Human Resources Inquiries
tel. 709.864.6097
email: melissa.oliver@med.mun.ca
Room 2833

Jill Colbourne
Academic Program Administrator; Internal Medicine Program
tel. 709.864.2892
email: jill.colbourne@med.mun.ca
Room 2834

Stephanie Hunt
Academic Program Assistant; Internal Medicine Program
tel. 709.864.4961
email: shunt13@mun.ca
Room 2853

Academic Program Assistant; Neurology Program
tel. 709.864.6073
Room 2853