Division of Community Health and Humanities

About Us

The Faculty of Medicine’s Division of Community Health and Humanities expanded in 2005.  The Division now has a faculty and staff complement of over 40 along with approximately 60 graduate students enrolled in the diploma, masters, and doctoral programs.

Our Divisional members' research interests and backgrounds are diverse and complementary.  Our community-based skills are broad - ranging from epidemiology, through nutrition, health policy, biostatistics, public health, humanities, ethics, law, to the social and behavioral sciences.  To learn more, please scan the interests of core faculty in their individual profiles located under the "people" web page.

Mission statement:

"The mission of the Divisionof Community Health and Humanities is to enhance health through a broad, interdisciplinary approach to teaching, research, and community service.  We work with students, scholars, professionals, communities, and policy makers. We serve as a conduit for informed and responsive health practices."

Vision statement:

"Healthy communities, healthy people"

Values statements:

The following values are principles to promote an intelletual community and organizational environment that enables individuals to achieve our mission. These values also reflect Memorial University's core values through a Community Health and Humanities lens.

Respect: Ensuring inclusiveness and recognizing diverse roles contributions, and ideas of faculty, staff and students,

Fairness: Ensuring equitable distribution of divisional responsibiliies and resources.

Humility: Embracing openness to learn from others.

Nuturing:  Valuingt supportive and meaningful relationships.

Accountability:  Holding ourselves and each other responsible to fulfill commitments and work towards common goals.

Responsiveness:  Harnessing creativity and being receptive to individuals and communities in building health and social justice for people in the province and beyond.

Integrity:  Maintaining the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

  Striving for quality and promoting innovative, rigorours, and pragmatic scholarship as a continous quest.