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List of Graduate Student Alumni

The following is a listing of students (and their thesis topics) who have graduated from our thesis-based programs since 2004. These programs include:  MSc (Community Health), MSc (Applied Health Services Research, Master of Health Ethics (thesis route), and PhD (Community Health)
Student's Name Program Thesis Supervisor Thesis Topic Year of Convocation
Joseph Adu MSc Drs. Mulay & Allison Socio-demographic Profile and Child Health in Ghana:  A Comparitive Study 2018 (May)
Erin Baker MSc (AHSR) Drs. Audas & Etchegary The Psycho-social Impact of Living with ARVC 2017 (May)
Karine Bernard MSc

Drs. Brunger & Schiff

Contribution of a Community Kitchen and Community Garden on Francophone and Francophile Minorities 2018 (May)
Michael Bartellas MSc (AHSR) Drs. Audas & Heath Assessing Services for Patients with Eating Disorders 2015 (Oct)
Janet Bartlett MSc (CH) Drs. Beausoleil & Fowler Medical Student Distress, Personal Health Care Practices and Barriers to Care 2015 (May)
Carla Barton MSc (CH) Dr. Beausoleil Portraying Psychiatry: A Content Analysis of the Commerical Representation of Mental Disorders in Medical Journal Advertising 2007
Kim Bonia MSc (CH) Dr. Beausoleil Daughter's Narratives of a Mother's Life Threatening Illness 2007
Sonya Bowen MSc (CH) Dr. Brunger An Inquiry into Stigma within Mental Healthcare Policy 2017 (May)
Lorraine Burrage MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews Materhanl Overweight & Obesity: The Risk of Cesarean Section 2005
Janice Butler MSc (CH) Dr. Buehler Living with Life Threatening Food Allergies: The Needs and Beahviors of Children and Teens Attending School in Newfoundland 2006
Kelly Butt MSc (CH) Drs. Gustafson & Jones Perceptions of Public Drinking Water Safety in NL: A Mixed Methods Study 2010
Cynthia Callahan MSc (CH) Dr. Neville Food Security Among Rural Newfoundland Seniors 2004
John Cavanagh MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews Physician Knowledge, Practice and Opinion of Maternal Serum Screening 2004
Roger Chafe PhD Drs. Neville & Rathwell An Examination of Three Types of Health Care Resource Allocation Decisions 2008
Zhi Chen MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Dietary Patterny and their Impacts on Colorectal Cancer in NL 2015 (May)
Tracy Chislett MSc (CH) Dr. Audas The Use of Administrative Data to Investigate Wait Times for Total Joint Replacement Surgery 2010
Kayla Collins PhD Dr. Neville Evaluating the Impact of Enhancing Information and Communication Technology in a Communitiy-model Primary Health Care Setting in NL 2010
Kayla Collins MSc (CH) Dr. Neville Evaluation of a System for Electronic Exchange of Laboratory Information: A Pre-implementation Study 2004
Alyssa Coombs MSc (AHSR) Drs. Audas & Dubre Personal and Family Consequences of Injuries at Work 2016 (May)
Janice Cooper MSc (AHSR) Dr. Neville The Use of Information and Communications Technology in the Delivery of Oncology Services in Canada 2013
Valerie Darmonkow MSc (CH) Dr. Brunger Genetics Professionals' Perspectives on Barriers to Access and Update of Genetic Services 2012 (May)
Julie Downey MSc (CH) Dr. Murray
A Qualitative Study on Personal Experiences and Perceptions of Women Who Continue Vigorous Physical Activity During Pregnancy
Toby Dunne MSc (CH) Dr. Audas
Population Needs‐Based Allocation Strategy of General Practitioner Resources in NL
Trish Dwyer MSc (CH) Dr. Neville
The Effects of Technology on the Health Personnel in Rural Newfoundland
Nicole Edwards MSc (CH) Dr. Audas
Mapping Birth Weight and Health Service Utilization of Infants and Young Children Using Linked Administrative Databases
Rowan El-Bialy MSc (CH) Dr. Mulay
Refugee Resettlement and Sense of Well‐Bing in St. John’s, NL
2015 (May)
Pam Elliott PhD Dr. Neville
Evaluation of the Implementation of an Electronic Occurrence Reporting System at Eastern Health
2010 (Oct)
Glenn Enright MSc (AHSR) Drs. Audas & Pullman The Economic Impact of Living with ARVC and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death 2016 (May)
Hillary Ferguson MHE Dr. Kaposy Eliminating the 'alternative' in Eastern Medicine 2018 (Oct)
Patrick Fleming MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews Retention of Specialist Physicians in NL 2009 (Oct)
Taylor Ferrier MSc (CH) Dr. Neville Prostate Cancer Care: Wait Times to See An Urologist 2013 (May)
Laura Fullerton MSc (CH) Dr. Gustafson
Infant Feeding & Institutional Compliance with the WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative: An assessment through maternal experience
2014 (May)
Adrian Gee MSc (CH) Dr. Valcour Spatio-temporal Analysis of Tuberculosis in NL 2018 (May)
Vanessa Gibbons MSc (CH) Dr. Audas Outcome Evaluation of an Early Psychosis Program Using Propensity Matching Scores 2006
Maddison Giles MSc (CH) Drs. Valcour & Schiff
Impact of an HIV/AIDS Sexual Health Education Program for Youth in Southern Inuit Communities
2014 (Oct)
Tina Giles Murphy PhD Drs. Wang & Bornstein
Asbestos Exposure and Incidence of Disease Among a Group of Former Chrysotile Asbestos Miners and Millers From Baie Verte, NL, Canada
2015 (Oct) 
Monique Goguen-Campbell PhD Drs. Gustafson & Murray
Rising Above a Crisis: Resilience Processes and Community Well‐being
Dawn Goodyear MSc (CH) Drs. Gustafson & Hutchinson
Does Antibiotic Consumption Predict Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Streptococcus Pneumoniae in Newfoundland
Shelley-May Greenaway MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews Cancer Care Providers' Perceptions of Wait Times for Cancer Care 2011
Beth Halfyard MSc (CH) Dr. Gadag
The Predictive Value of the HPV DNA Test & Liquid‐based Pap Cytology (LBC) in Low Grade Pap Abnormalities
Amanda Hancock MSc (AHSR) Dr. Gustafson
An Exploration of HIV Testing Policy and Services Through a Social Justice Lens
2010 (May)
Rebecca Harris MSc (CH) Drs. James Valcour & Catherine Mah Impact of School Food Programs on Food Security Status and Health Outcomes in Children 2018 (Oct)
Sara (Heath) King MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews
Physician Knowledge, Perceptions, and Attitudes Towards Electronic Medical Record Systems: Newfoundland and Labrador
2012 (Oct)
Pamela Hodgson MSc (CH) Dr. Beausoleil
Study of the Impact of Education Sessions Regarding Lymphedema on Patients and Health Care Practitioners
Zakia Hoque MSc (CH) Drs. Gadag & Sarkar Effectiveness of Workplace Health and Safety Programs in University Settings 2018 (Oct)
Emma Housser MSc (AHSR) Dr. Mathews Out-of-Pocket Cost of Cancer for Cancer Patients 2010
Kelly Hunter MSc (CH) Dr. Traverso-Yepez Food Security, Food Practices, and the Socio-cultural Environment 2017 (May)
Saman Iqbal MSc (CH) Dr. Gadag
Estimation of BMI Range to Identify Nutritional Risk of Hospitalized Seniors
Cherie Jones-Hiscock MSc (CH) Dr. Murray Psychiatric Length of Stay 2004
Anne Kearney PhD Dr. Murray Making the Connections: Women Talk about Breast Self Examination 2004
Jeff Kelland MSc (CH) Dr. Pullman
Fundraising and Funding of Mental Health & Illness Research in Canada: A Critical Analysis
John Knight PhD Dr. Gadag
Association of Continuity of Family Physician Care with Healthcare Services Utilization in NL: The Influence of Age and Chronic Illness
Kim Larouche MSc (CH) Dr. Murray Staff and Employee Perceptions of Recovery Management of the HCCSJ 2007
Victoria Law MSc (AHSR) Dr. Gustafson The Role of Non-Denominational Chaplaincy Services in the Occupational Wellness System of Offshore Oil Industry Employees 2016 (Oct)
Fang Liu MSc (CH) Dr. Wang The Aging Population and Its Impact on Health Outcomes in NL 2011
Lin Liu MSc (CH) Dr. Wang
Assessing the Validity of a Self‐administered Food Frequency Questionnaire in the Adult Population of NL
2013 (Oct)
Don MacDonald PhD Dr. Neville Evaluating the Implementation of Picture Archiving & Communication Systems in NL 2008
Don MacDonald MSc (CH) Dr. Neville Pharmacists' Expectations of a Pharmacy Network: A Baseline Evaluation 2004
Jill MacEachern MSc (AHSR) Drs. Pullman & Mathews
Familial and Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Screening in NL: Specialists' Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Patterns
2009 (Oct)
Sue Ann Mandville-Anstey PhD Dr. Gustafson
Mapping Social Relations of Older Workers' Employment: An Institutional Ethnographic Study of the Meaning and Organization of
Work, Health and Safety of Aging Female Workers in the Home Support Sector
2013 (May)
Barbara Mason MHE Dr. Brunger Palliative and End of Life Care for People at End Stage Dementia in NL 2018 (Oct)
April Manuel PhD Dr. Brunger
Experiences of Individuals with ARVC in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador: A Grounded Theory Study
2013 (May)
Sheila Marchant-Short PhD Dr. Brunger Adverse Events in Health Care: Examining the Second Victim Experience 2017 (May)
Zack Marshall PhD Drs. Kaposy & Brunger Documenting Research with Transgender, Gender, Non-binary, and Other Gender Diverse (trans) People: An Evidence Map and Ethical Analysis 2018 (May)
Erika Maxwell MSc (CH) Drs. Mathews & Mulay Accessing Care at any Cost: Cross Border Medical Services Utilization by Newfoundlanders 2017 (May)
Erin Mayo MSc (AHSR) Dr. Mathews
Spousal Perspectives on Factors Influencing Recruitment and Retention of Rural Family Physicians
Melody Morton-Ninomiya PhD Dr. Brunger
Institutional Ethnography as an Instrument of Change: Making an Emancipatory Method of Inquiry Visible
2015 (May)
Kelly Monaghan PhD Dr. Beausoleil
The Oeuvre of Risk in Health Promotion: A Reflexive Metatheoretical Critique
Gioia Montevecchi MSc (AHSR) Drs. Gustafson & Maddalena Factors Influencing Access to Health Care Services in Labrador 2012
Donna Murphy PhD Dr. Wang Diabetes and Early and Late Diagnosis in Newfoundland & Labrador 2015 (Oct)
Donna Murphy MSc (CH) Dr. Roebothan Dietary Vitamin E and Diabetes 2007
Angelique Myles MSc (CH) Dr. Wang
Examination of HCV patients pathways and services in Canada ‐ results from a specialists' survey
Pablo Navarro MSc (CH) Drs. Buehler & Beausoleil
Factors influencing the utilization of community long‐term care services among caregivers of people with dementia in Newfoundland
Benjamin Ochoo MSc (CH) Dr. Sarkar
Perceptions of Health Risks to Water and Food Contamination: A Case Study of Western Newfoundland
2015 (Oct)
Etienne Orr-Ewing MSc (AHSR) Dr. Pullman
Governmental Decision Makers' Views, Perceptions, and Concerns Regarding Privacy & Confidentiality Issues Surrounding Personal Information, Personal Health Information, and Electronic Health Records in NL
2006 (Oct)
Amanda Park MSc (AHSR) Dr. Mathews
Understanding Women's Reasons for Having or Declining Maternal Serum Screening
Ashley Patten MSc (CH) Drs. Beausoleil & Brunger
What Does it Mean to Self‐mutilate? An Examination of the Discourses that Surround the Body, Gender, and Risk
Valerie Penton MSc (AHSR) Dr. Gustafson
Assistive Technology Provision: An Assessment of Services and Supports in NL
2010 (May)
Jennifer Phillips MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Maternal and Neonatal Risk Factors for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Among Children Aged 0-15 Years in NL: A Case-control Study 2018 (Oct)
Amy Ramos Chang MSc (CH) Dr. Audas Absenteeism 2017 (May)
Michelle Rees MSc (CH) Drs. Murray & Audas
Evaluation of the Unique Personal Identifier and Client Registry
Sylvia Reitmanova PhD Dr. Gustafson
Disease Breeders Among Us." Canadian Press Coverage of Immigrant Tuberculosis; Critical Discourse Analysis
Sylvia Reitmanova MSc (CH) Dr. Gustafson
Mental Health of St. John's Immigrants: Concepts, Determinates and Barriers
Kara Roberts MSc (AHSR) Dr. Roebothan
Assessing the Impact of an Exposure Based Intervention on Elementary School Childrens’ Liking, Willingness to Try and Tasting of Three New Fruits
2010 (May)
Dylan Roskams-Edris MHE Dr. Kaposy Concept of Choice in Law and Neuroscience 2016 (May)
Krishna Roy MSc (CH) Drs. Gadag & Iqbal The Epidemiological and Psychological Aspects of Obesity in the Adult Population in Newfoundland 2018 (May)
Devonne Ryan MSc (CH) Dr. Young Fitness and Fitness Activities by Elderly Persons in St. John's 2012 (Oct)
Penelope Salmon MSc (CH) Dr. Murray Working Class Women's Views of Health 2006
Sarah Sharpe MSc (CH) Dr. Murray Impact of the Fisheries Crisis on School Children 2004
Ishor Sharma MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Delays in Diagnostics and Treatment of Major Cancers in Nepal 2018 (May)
Sophia Shaikh MSc (CH) Drs. Gustafson & Murray
Impact of Safety Training on Fish Harvesters' and Seafarers' Knowledge and Perception of Safety
Chris Shortall MSc (AHSR) Dr. Audas
Rendering the Invisible Transparent: A Qualitative Analysis of Transgendered and Sexuality Content in Canadian Accredited Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum
2017 (Oct)
Khokan C. Sikdar PhD Dr. Gadag
Serious Adverse Drug Events in Patients Presenting to Emergency Departments and Admitted to Hospitals in NL
2011 (Oct)
Melissa Sullivan MSc (AHSR) Dr. Audas Why are Fewer Medical Students Choosing Family Medicine as a Career Choice? 2006
Zhuoyu Sun MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Dietary Factors and Microsatellite Instability in Sporadic Colorectal Cancer 2010
Kalen Thomson MSc (CH) Dr. Sarkar Exploring Appropriate Business Models for Establishment of Water Quality Monitoring Services in NL 2017 (May)
Geraldine Thompson MSc (CH) Dr. Murray An Evalution of the Transition Bed Unit in St. John's, NL 2004
Jennifer Thornhill MSc (AHSR) Dr. Gustafson
Atlantic Canadian Daily Newspaper Coverage of Wait Times for Medical Services
Elizabeth Wallack MSc (CH) Dr. Gustafson Impact of Skype-delivered Dementia Caregiver Intervention on Caregiver Burden 2016 (May)
Meng Wang MSc Dr. Yi The Modeling of BMI Trajectory 2015 (Oct)
Pam Ward PhD Drs. Beausoleil & Heath
Exploring the Role of Discourse in the Emerging Identities of Children Enrolled in an Obesity Treatment Program
Tracey Weir MSc (CH) Dr. Roebothan
Factors related to use of Canada's Food Guide in NL: Data collected from family physicians (2005) and residents (1996) of NL
Julie Wells MSc (CH) Dr. Murray Factors Influencing a Women's Decision to Continue Breast Screening 2004
Gerald White PHD Dr. Audas
The Impact of Individual and School Characteristics on Types and Levels of Bullying in NL Schools
Peter Wilton MSc (AHSR) Drs. Neville & Chafe
An Examination of Two Mechanisms of Public Engagement in Central Newfoundland
2014 (Oct)
Karen Woodland MSc (CH) Dr. Audas
Mechanisms of Voice‐Grievance, Injury Reporting, Absence, Turnover and Adverse Events and their Association with Collective Bargaining: An Analysis of Eastern Health Employees, St. John's Region
2010 (Oct)
Hao Wu MSc (CH) Drs. Maddalena & Wang Palliatrive and End-of-Life Care for Chinese Immigrants: Experiences of Family Caregivers 2015 (May)
Hui Xiong MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Leisure Physican Activity and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer - Population-based Case Control Study in NL 2008
Stephanie Young MSc (CH) Dr. Mathews MUN Pharmacy Graduates Study 2009
Jing Zhao MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Obesity, Physical Inactivity & Colorectal Cancer Risk - A Population-based Case Control Study in NL 2012
Jinhui Zhao PhD Dr. Wang The Study of Genetics and Environmental Factors of Colorectal Cancer 2010
Yun Zhu MSc (CH) Dr. Wang Examining Factors Associate with Survival in Colorectal Cancer Patients in Newfoundland and Ontario 2014
Yun Zhu PhD Dr. Wang Alcohol Consumption and CRC Survival 2018 (May)