Division of Community Health and Humanities

Graduate Programs - Tips for finding a supervisor

Finding Potential Supervisors for Thesis-based programs (MSc and PhD)

NOTE: This does not apply to applicants in the Graduate Diploma program, the Master of Public Health, or the Master of Health Ethics. This applies only to applicants applying to the MSc (Community Health), MSc (Applied Health Services Research), and PhD (Communtiy Health).

In addition to meeting the general requirements for admission, applicants must also find a faculty member in the Division of Community Health and Humanities willing to supervise them in a thesis-based program should they be sucessful in the application process.

Tips to help you contact a potential supervisor:

Review the brief profiles of our core faculty

Based on common research interests, select potential supervisors to contact by email, telephone or in-person appointment
  • briefly introduce yourself, the fact that you are applying to the MSc or PhD graduate program and are looking for a supervisor
  • discuss the faculty's research that you find interesting
  • briefly explain your (intended) research area
  • share your career goals