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Center for Health Informatics and Analytics

Privacy Policy

CHIA Privacy Policy 

The purpose of this Policy is to provide management guidance and direction on the use of and disclosure of the personal health information within CHIA's possession or control, ensuring compliance with the MUN privacy policy and applicable legislation such as the PHIA. It provides specific protection measures through a number of policy requirements that are designed to manage privacy and security risks to the information within its information systems.
The objectives of this Policy are:

  1. Ensure the privacy of electronically maintained personal information, including any personal health information, in the possession or control of CHIA and its user community.

  2. Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronically maintained personal information, including personal health information within its IT systems.

  3. Adequately manage the privacy risks associated with its information and information systems.

The expected outcomes of this Policy and supporting objectives are:

  • Ensure CHIA operates within the spirit and intent of the PHIA.

  • Personal information, including any personal health information, is adequately protected from unauthorized disclosure, modification or loss.

  • Only authorized entities have access to our information and information systems and are limited to the intended authorized purpose(s).

To achieve the objectives and realize the expected outcomes, specific requirements are prescribed in this Policy instrument and must be applied.

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