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Center for Health Informatics and Analytics

How to Use PAC web interface

The PAC web interface is an alternative way to submit jobs to LSF that does not require users to use the command line interface. The PAC web interface is recommended for Windows users.
  1. Open your browser and type in
  2. When asked, enter your user name and password.
  3. Once logged in, ensure that you have the Jobs tab selected on the left.
  4. Expand the Submission Forms drop down on the left (see below).
  5. Select Submission Forms, and a list of available forms for submitting various jobs will appear.
  6. Select the desired Form Name, a job submission form will appear (see below).
  7. Enter the desired information and ensure that the required directory locations and flow parameters are entered correctly. Job Queue is set by default to ‘normal’. Other options for queue are available such as ‘interactive’, ‘priority’ and ‘night’ Clicking the Browse button next to Path will bring you to your home directory on LSF (/gpfs/home/username/) . From here you can browse to the necessary file you wish to have analysed.
  8. Select Submit to enter your job.
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