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How to log in to sched1, login1 and login2

The following guide describes how to open the Terminal window and log in to Sched1, login1 and login2 to navigate CHIA’s file management system (LSF) using a command line interface. The instructions are broken down by Operating System (Linux, Mac or Windows). 


  1. When connecting to any of these nodes, we use the same steps, with only the node names changing.
  2. Terminal
Terminal Window

To bring up the Terminal window, hold down the Alt key and press F2. You will see a window open that says “Enter a Command”.  Type in “Terminal” and press  Enter. A screen similar to the picture shown above will appear.
  1. Please note that to use the following commands you must have access to CHIA's internal network. Check with CHIA should you have any difficulties.
  2. Within the terminal window, you will use the command ssh (all lower case).
  3. Type in the following command: ssh for login1, for login2, and for sched1.
  4. When this has been successfully entered, the user will be asked for their password.
  5. Upon entering the correct password, the user’s terminal window will show which node they are logged into.  Here is an example (below) of how to login to sched1 (

To transfer or submit a job to LSF using the command line interface please see the guides titled “How to transfer files, to LSF" and  "How to submit jobs and navigate around LSF.”

Mac OS

  1. To use SSH, first open up the Terminal app.
  2. This is done by selecting the Spotlight icon (top right corner, looks like a magnifying glass), then typing “Terminal”.
  3. A number of options will appear based on what you have typed with the Terminal app being at the top.  Select the Terminal application.
  4. Once the terminal window is open, type the following: ssh (for login1), ssh (for login2), or ssh (for sched1)
  5. You will be prompted to enter your password.  Enter it now.
  6. If successful, you will be logged into the desired node.

Windows Operating System

Please note: To log in to login1, login2 or sched1 under the Windows operationg sustem, you will need to download an Open SSH client such as PuTTY, if you do not already have one.
Here is the link:  
Please be sure to download the latest version, which is normally the first link listed under “For Windows on Intel x86”
                Click on putty.exe. Click “Save File”. PuTTY is now found in your Downloads.

  1. Open PuTTY and type chia-sched1 for Host Name (or IP Address). of the resource you want to use. Enter 22 under Port to begin ssh session. In the below example we are logging into
  2. Click open. You should now see this screen:
  3. Enter your Username at the login and hit Enter. Then type your password and Enter (your password may not appear on screen as you type but if entered correctly will still work).
  4. You should now be logged in to chia-login2 and can type in your desired commands.
  5. To end your ssh session, type logout at the prompt and hit enter.
Note: The system will automatically time out if you have been inactive for 5 minutes. 
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