Centre for Health Informatics and Analytics

Welcome to the Centre for Health Informatics and Analytics (CHIA)

CHIA includes a next generation health informatics and data analytics hardware and software platform, which will facilitate the rapid interrogation an integration of complex source data from multiple partner organizations. Clinical data including the EMR, PACS, OPIS, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Financial and Administrative data from Newfoundland and Labrador Center for Health Information (NLCHI) and the Regional Health Authorities under the appropriate protocols will be integrated with clinical research data including, molecular, epidemiological data, psycho-social data, and health risk data.  The integration of this data will be managed by the partners and governed under provincial privacy and ethics legislation. This convergent data opportunity will facilitate transformational change in health system utilization, costs and health outcomes.    

Under CHIA, Memorial researchers will have access to one of Atlantic Canada’s fastest computing environments. Projects utilizing CHIA will address issues such as colorectal cancer, long-term care and laboratory utilization as well as others.