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Biomedical Engineering

Memorial University Faculty of Medicine Three Dimensional Printing

The Mun Med 3D initiative was started up with the idea of taking the rapidly expanding technology that is 3D printing and implementing it into the medical field, and specifically into the medical curriculum at MUN. This project, headed by Michael Bartellas & Steve Ryan, provides a unique opportunity for students learning about; anatomy; different types of simulation; and even offers an excellent tool for those looking to kick-start their own special projects. One of the main goals of this project is to eventually be able to use this incredible technology in telemedicine to give patients in remote areas access to, unique/specific information regarding their own anatomy, medical tools & equipment, and even access to customized prostheses or bone replacements.

So far, we have been able to successfully print a number of pre designed anatomical models and medical tools using the personal 3D printers of Michael and Steve. Recently, we reached a milestone and were able to design and print our very first in house part for one of our ongoing projects! This project also allows for collaboration between the medical school and the faculty of engineering regarding design and rapid prototyping of pieces for various projects. With the addition of two new high quality 3D printers (currently being shipped), production will begin to ramp up and this will allow us to take on more projects as students begin to come forward with their ideas!
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