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Recent Publications (2003-) (Underline: trainees, #: corresponding authorship)

1. Enhancement of Cancer-Specific Protoporphyrin IX Fluorescence by Targeting Oncogenic Ras/MEK Pathway. Yoshioka E, Shankar VC, Licursi M, Rutihinda S, Som J, Derwish L, King JJ, Pongnopparat T, Mearow K, Larijani M, Dorward AM,  Hirasawa K#. Theranostics, in press (2016/17 Impact factor 8.7)

2. Hepatitis C virus infection causes apoptosis and pyroptosis in both infected and bystander cell. (2016) Kofahi H, Taylor N, Hirasawa K, Grant M and Russell R#. Scientific Report 10.1038/srep37433 (2014 Impact factor: 5.5)

3. High fat diet-induced downregulation of anorexic leukemia inhibitory factor in the brainstem. (2016) Licursi M., Alberto C., Dias A., Hirasawa K and Hirasawa M#. Obesity 24(11):2361-2367. doi: 10.1002/oby.21647 (2014 Impact factor: 3.7)

4. IRF1 downregulation by Ras/MEK is independent of translational control of IRF1 mRNA. (2016) Komatsu Y, Derwish L, Hirasawa K#. PLoS ONE 11(8): e0160529 (2014 Impact factor: 3.2)

5. SMAD3 is upregulated in human osteoarthritic cartilage independent of the promoter DNA methylation. (2015) Aref-Eshghi E, Liu M, Razavi S, Hirasawa K, Harper PE, Martin G, Furey A, Green R, Sun G, Rahman P, Zhai G#. J. Rheumatol (2014 Impact factor: 3.1) 43(2):338-94

6. Global gene analysis identifying genes commonly regulated by the Ras/Raf/MEK and type I IFN pathways. (2015) Komatsu Y, Hirasawa K, Christian SL#. Genomics Data (2014 Impact factor: n.a), 4, 84-87.

7. Promotion of viral IRES-mediated translation initiation under mild hypothermia. (2015) Licursi M, Carmona-Martines RA, Razavi S and Hirasawa K#. PLoS ONE (2014 Impact factor: 3.2), 7;10(5): e0126174.

8. Restoration of IRF1-dependent anticancer effects by MEK inhibition in human cancer cells. (2015) AbuSara N, Razavi S, Derwish L, Komatsu Y, Licursi M and Hirasawa K#. Cancer Letters (2014 Impact factor: 5.62), 357(2):575-81

9. Oncogenic Ras inhibits IRF1 to promote viral oncolysis. (2015) Komatsu Y, Christian SL, Nhu Ho, Pongnopparat T, Licursi M and Hirasawa K#. Oncogene (2014 Impact factor: 8.45), 34(30):3985-93.

10. Mostafa AA, Codner D, Hirasawa K, Komatsu Y, Young MN, Steimle V, Drover S#. (2014) Activation of ERα signaling differentially modulates IFN-γ induced HLA-class II expression in breast cancer cells. PLoS ONE (2014 Impact factor: 3.2), 9(1) e87377

11. Christian SL, Dong Z, Licirsi M, Komatsu Y, Pongnopparat T, Codner DA and Hirasawa K#. (2012) Global impairment of interferon inducible genes by Ras/MEK underlies viral oncolysis in human cancer cells. PLoS ONE (2014 Impact factor: 3.2), 7(9): e44267

12. Licursi M, Komatsu Y, Pongnopparat T and Hirasawa K#. (2012) Promotion of viral IRES-mediated translation under amino acid starvation. Journal of Gen. Virol. (2014 Impact factor: 3.1), 93(5): 951-62

13. Licursi M, Christian SL, Pongnopparat T and Hirasawa K#. (2011) In vitro and in vivo comparison of viral and cellular internal ribosome entry sites for bicistronic vector expression. Gene Ther. (2014 Impact factor: 3.1) 18(6):631-636.

14. Thirukkumaran CM, Nodwell MJ, Hirasawa K, Shi ZQ, Diaz R, Luider J, Johnston RN, Forsyth PA, Magliocco AM, Lee P, Nishikawa S, Donnelly B, Coffey M, Trpkov K, Fonseca K, Spurrell J, Morris DG#. (2010) Oncolytic viral therapy for prostate cancer: efficacy of reovirus as a biological therapeutic. Cancer Res. (2014 Impact factor: 9.33)70(6):2435-44.

15. Christian SL, Collier TW, Dong Z, Licursi M, Hough CM and Hirasawa K#. (2009) Downregulation of STAT2 mediates the Ras/MEK pathway-induced inhibition of the IFN-alpha antiviral response. J. Virol., (2014 Impact factor: 4.44), 83(13):6717-6727.

16. Battcock SM, Collier TW, Dong Z and Hirasawa K#. (2006) Negative regulation of interferon-a-induced antiviral responses by the Ras/Raf/MEK pathway. J. Virol., (2014 Impact factor: 4.44) 80(9):4422-4430.

17. Popadiuk C, Xiong J, Wells M, Andrew P, Dankwa K, Hirasawa K, Lake B and Kao KR#. (2006) Antisense suppression of Pygopus2 results in proliferative growth arrest of epithelial ovarian cancer. Clinical Cancer Research, (2014 Impact factor: 8.7)12: 2216-2223.

18. Norman KL, Hirasawa K, Yang AD, Shields MA, Lee PW#. (2004) Reovirus oncolysis: the Ras/RalGEF/p38 pathway dictates host cell permissiveness to reovirus infection. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 101(30)11099-104. (2014 Impact factor: 9.6)

19. Loken SD, Norman KL, Hirasawa K, Nodwell M, Lester WM, Demetrick DJ#. (2004) Morbidity in Immunosuppressed (SCID/NOD) Mice Treated with Reovirus (Dearing 3) as an Anti-Cancer Biotherapeutic. Cancer Biol Ther. 3(8) 734-8. (2014 Impact factor: 3.0)

20. Hirasawa K, Jun HS, Han H. and Yoon JW#. (2003) Involvement of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in the replication of encephalomyocarditis virus. J. Virol., 77(10):5649-56. (2014 Impact factor: 4.4)

21. Hirasawa K, Nishikawa SG, Norman KL and Lee PWK#. (2003) Effective systematic reovirus therapy of metastatic cancer in immune-competent mice. Cancer Res., 63(2):348-53. (2014 Impact factor: 9.3)