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Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Fogarty LC, Song B, Suppiah Y, Hasan SMM, Martin HC, Hogan, SE, Xiong J, Vanderluit JL. (2016) Bcl-xL dependency coincides with the onset of neurogenesis in the developing mammalian spinal cord. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 77:34-46.
Roome RB, Vanderluit JL. (2015) Paw-Dragging: a novel, sensitive analysis of the mouse cylinder test.  Journal of Visualized Experiments 98:1-12, e52701.
Roome RB, Bartlett RF, Jeffers M, Corbett D, Vanderluit JL. (2014) A reliable model of Endothelin-1 mediated ischemia in the mouse forelimb motor cortex. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 233:34-44.
Hasan SMM, Sheen A, Power AM, Langevin LM, Xiong J, Furlong M, Day K, Schuurmans C, Opferman JT, Vanderluit JL. (2013) Mcl-1 regulates terminal mitosis of neural precursor cells in the mammalian brain. Development 140(15): 3118-3127.
Amini M, Ma C-l, Farazifard R, Zhu Q, Zhang Y, Vanderluit J, Zoltewicz JS, Hage F, Savitt J, Lagace D, Slack R, Beique J-C, Baudry M, Greer P, Bergeron R, Park DS (2013) Conditional disruption of calpain in the CNS alters dendrite morphology, impairs LTP, and promotes neuronal survival following injury. Journal of Neuroscience 33(13):5773-5784.

Malone CD, Hasan SMM, Power AM, Sheen A, Xiong J, Furlong M, Opferman JT, Vanderluit JL. (2012) Mcl-1 is a survival factor for neural stem cells in the embryonic and adult mammalian brain. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. 49:439-447.

Germain M, Nguyen AP, Le Grand JN, Arbour N, Vanderluit JL, Park DS, Opferman JT, Slack RS. (2011) Mcl-1 is a stress sensor that regulates autophagy in a developmentally regulated manner. EMBO Journal. 30(2):395-407.
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