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Division of BioMedical Sciences

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Current Lab Members                                             
Katie Fifield                                           PhD candidate
Robert Flemmer                                    MSc student
Joanna Raman Nair                              Undergraduate BSc student
Jane Cooze                                           Undergraduate BSc student        
Lab Alumni                                          
Graduate Students                                Current Position
Craig Malone, MSc                                M.D. (Memorial)
SM Mahmudul Hasan, BSc, MSc          M.D. (Memorial)
R. Brian Roome, BSc, MSc                   Ph.D. (McGill)
Lauren Fogarty, BSc, MSc                     M.D. (Dalhousie)
Robert Bartlett, BSc, MSc                      Product Safety Officer, Health Canada
Undergraduate Students & BSc Honour Students
Angela Power, BSc                                M.D. (Memorial)
Ashley Sheen, BSc                                Veterinary, (UPEI)
Hiliary Martin, BSc                                 M.D. (Memorial)
Beibei Song, BSc                                   Ph.D. (UBC)
Moriah Courtney, BSc                            M.A. Social Work (U. Calgary)
Allison Parrill, BSc
Sarah Hogan, BSc                                 M.D. (Memorial)
Yeggapan Suppiah, BSc                        M.D. (Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland)
Brittany Geizer, BSc                                                           
Ahila Karunanithy, BSc                          M.Sc. Public Health (Memorial)
Research Assistants
Waleed Abdel-Razek, BSc                     Physiotherapist
Michael Furlong, BSc                             M.D. (UWO)
Kristine Day, MSc RA                             Grants Facilitation Officer, (Memorial)
Jieying Xiong, MSc, BSc                        retired

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