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Discipline of Anesthesia

Blackboard Collaborate

To run Blackboard Collaborate you will need the following:
1. A computer (the software will also work on mobile devices such as an Ipad or Iphone. If you are presenting you will need to use a computer as the mobile app doesn't allow for moderator status.)
2. An installation of the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher or app if you’re using a mobile device (it can be found on the App Store or Google Play store.)
3. A Microphone and speakers (if your using a desktop computer)
To connect a Blackboard Collaborate session please read the following information.
1.  Click on the link below. You will be asked to enter a login name and then prompted to download the launcher or app.
2. Once the launcher/app is installed select the link again
3.  You will be prompted to download a file call “meeting.collab”
4. Once the file is downloaded double click on it.
Link:   (this link will be used for the live session and it can also be used for testing your setup.)
Important Notes:
1.  If you’re using a computer provided by a health authority you may have to contact the technical support staff to assist you with installing the Launcher.
2.  If you’re using a mobile device you can’t not be given moderator status (required to change slides.)
3.  If you are using a different device or a different internet connection please try signing into the room again to ensure you are able to connect to the live session.
If you are unable to connect to our session or would like some help please call 709 864-3366 or send an email to
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