MCAT Information

  • In order to be eligible to apply to the Undergraduate MD program at MUN,  the MCAT must be written prior to the application deadline, which is September 11, 2019. 
  • Applicants can apply with the older version of the  MCAT, if it was written within the preceding five years of the date of application.  As a result, some applicants may have MCAT scores from pre-2015 
  • The Admissions Committee will consider all writings of the MCAT and consider score improvements; students must release all test scores to CaRMS. The AAMC DOES NOT automatically release MCAT scores unless directed by the applicant.  
  • For previous entering classes, the average MCAT scores have been approximately 10's on each section for the old MCAT and 127 on each section for the new MCAT.
For more information regarding the MCAT, please visit the MCAT website.

The fee to write the MCAT exam is $315 USD. Applicants experiencing financial difficulty may qualify for a fee reduction. Information on fee assistance can be found here: New MCAT Fee Assistance Program for Canadians. Please note that applicants seeking financial assistance must be approved for the Fee Assistance Program prior to registering for the exam to receive reduced registration fees. Benefits of fee assistance are not retroactive; reimbursements are not issued after registration and scheduling of the exam.