Seat Allocation & Competition Pools

Effective September 22, 2021, New Brunswick (NB) will no longer have seats available at Memorial. The application cycle that begins in June 2022 will have no NB pool. The current 2021-2022 cycle will remain unchanged, with 10 seats available for NB residents. 

There are 80 seats available each year for which 750-800+ applications are received. Sixty of these seats are reserved for applicants who are bona fide residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. The remaining seats are held for applicants who are residents of Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, and Other Canadian Provinces.

A breakdown of the approximate number of applications and places is below:
Competition Approximate # of Applications Received  Approximate # of Places Available 
Newfoundland and Labrador 250 57
Indigenous  10-15 3
Nunavut N/A 1
Prince Edward Island 40-60 4
*Other Canadian Provinces  450+ 6

*Due to the intense competition within this category, applicants should be very competitive academically and well-rounded in extra-curricular activities with sufficient work experience and excellent references to be considered for an interview.

An Admissions Committee and an Interview Committee are involved in the review of applications. The Admissions Committee has representatives from the clinical faculty, biomedical sciences faculty, university and medical school administration, medical students, medical association, rural regions, the Indigenous community, and the general public while the Interview Committee is composed of staff and faculty.

All identifying information is redacted from the applicant's file before the Admissions Committee's review.

Applicants are selected for acceptance on the basis of their qualifications after an extensive review by the Admissions Committee using input from the Interview Committee. Campaigning of committee members by applicants, family members, or affiliated parties is strictly prohibited; should such behavior be experienced by a member of either Committee, they will be required to remove themselves from review of these applicants.