Program Goals
  1. To identify and prioritize skills and services that rural and remote clinical faculty need to engage in research and scholarship.
  2. To establish and evaluate a longitudinal faculty development program that promotes a foundation of scholarly research activity.
  3. To facilitate a process for knowledge translation and social capital building amongst rural and remote family medicine faculty.
Program Objectives
  • Build participants’ knowledge of the various resources and supports available to rural and remote faculty engaging in scholarly research.
  • Provide foundational knowledge and skill-building in key areas of scholarly research, including research planning and design, data analyses, scholarly writing, and dissemination.
  • Facilitate the design and presentation of a research proposal.
  • Foster recognition of the value of knowledge exchange and translation.
  • Develop leadership skills required to support rural research capacity building and social capital.
  • Promote an appreciation of the benefits of scholarly research conducted in the context of family medicine.