A Research Skills Program for Rural and Remote Doctors

The 6 for 6 program is a 15-month research skills program for rural and remote family medicine faculty. Annually, six family medicine faculty from different rural and remote regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Nunavut will participate in this certificate program for the purpose of pursuing research relevant to their practices and their communities and to acquire the skills necessary to support others interested in engaging in scholarly research activity.

The 6 for 6 program is based on sound educational curriculum development principles and entails synchronous and asynchronous learning models. Utilizing a blended learning model involving eLearning (web-based and mobile learning) and face-to-face learning, the curriculum is designed to be flexible, self-paced, and learner-centered. Each 6 for 6 participant will be linked to a personal research mentor to help guide them towards their research goals.

Participants will also avail of the support of a research assistant throughout the duration of the program. The research assistant will be the main point of contact for participants regarding engagement in the program and will be the liaison between participants and other key contacts including research mentors, ethics, and library services. The research assistant will also support participants during the completion of their individual research projects by establishing relationships with and facilitating communication between participants and research support services, and by assisting participants with carrying out research-related activities such as literature searching, data analysis, completion of ethics applications, and funding proposals.

Upon completion of the 6 for 6 program, participants will each receive a Certificate of Achievement in Rural Research and Scholarship and will be able to use their knowledge to help build and lead regional networks of rural and remote family medicine physicians in their respective communities. Participants will also gain the skills to act as a liaison with resources and support systems within Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine and to pass along information acquired through the 6 for Program to others.

Core Planning Committee

Cheri Bethune, MD, MClSc, CCFP, FCFP – Professor, Family Medicine
Shabnam Asghari, MD, MPH, PhD – Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
Wendy Graham, MD, CCFP, FCFP – Associate Professor, Family Medicine


Marshall Godwin, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP – Professor and Interim Chair
Kris Aubrey, MD, MSc, FCFP – Associate Professor, Family Medicine
Vernon Curran, MEd, PhD – Associate Dean of Educational Development
Ford Bursey, MD, FRCPC – Professor of Medicine, Assistant Dean for Professional Development