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Our award winning staff


Linda Kirby won a 2007 President’s Award for Exemplary Service. Since coming to Memorial University in 1976, Ms. Kirby has worked in administration for several departments, including Alumni Affairs, the Registrar’s Office, the Marine Institute and the departments of Physics and Folklore. But she found her niche in 1988 when she accepted a position at the Faculty of Medicine in the Discipline of Family Medicine. As program co-ordinator of the Family Medicine Residency Program, Ms. Kirby was keenly interested in raising the profile of family medicine as a career choice. She helped develop and implement innovative ways to promote family medicine at Memorial to medical students in this province and elsewhere.

Patti Bryant, with Lending Services at the Health Sciences Library, received the President’s Award for Exceptional Community Service. This award is presented in recognition of employees (faculty or staff) who have demonstrated outstanding community service.
Karen Darby, with Public Services at the Health Sciences Library, was awarded the Library Technician Interest Group Award of Merit from the Canadian Library Association. 
Mary Dray, former co-ordinator of the Office of Student Affairs, and Lisa Fleet, manager, research programs, Professional Development and Conference Services, were awarded The President’s Awards for Exemplary Service.
Mary Dray
Ms. Dray supported and advised medical students about finances and other matters for more than 30 years. As student affairs co-ordinator, she always put students first and found ways to help. She was heavily involved in the MedQuest program for high school students interested in pursuing careers in health and she was a member of several societies as well as national and international associations. She also helped ensure the annual Monte Carlo fundraising event ran smoothly and professionally.

Lisa Fleet
As manager of research programs with Professional Development and Conference Services in the Faculty of Medicine, Ms. Fleet provides leadership and research expertise in medical education and continuing professional development both provincially and nationally to advance the reputation of the Faculty of Medicine and Memorial University. She is an exceptional employee who is highly regarded for her outstanding research skills, professionalism and commitment. A team player with a keen attention to detail and project management, she has initiated and led more than 40 scholarly studies over the past 12 years. In 2014, she was an integral member of two teams that won national awards for their work.


ON APRIL 27, 2016 the Faculty of Medicine recently recognized recipients of the Dean’s Research and Service Excellence Awards, and the Max House Teaching Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development.
The Dean’s Service Excellence Awards recognize outstanding contributions by non-academic staff in a division or discipline for job performance, service and dedication to faculty, staff and students, and contributions to the achievements of goals for educational programs.
Ms. McHugh joined Memorial in 1981, and is currently an admissions officer with the Faculty of Medicine. In her role, she interacts daily with the admissions committee, interview committee and prospective and current students. Additionally, she liaises with other departments within the medical school and the university. She was a key player in development and implementation a major change in the interview process to a hybrid of the Traditional and Multiple Mini Interview (TaMMI) in 2013. Ms. McHugh is a member of the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior (PSBB) Committee and the MCAT Validity Study Committee of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Ms. McHugh also received the President’s Award for Exemplary Service in 2005.
Ms. Roebotham began her career at Memorial in 2000 and is currently the academic program administrator with the Office of Research & Graduate Studies (RGS). Ms. Roebotham is responsible for providing academic advising and administrative support for graduate programs within the faculty. She assumed the role of academic program assistant in 2007 and academic program administrator in 2011. Ms. Roebotham was involved in creating a practical, extracurricular workshop for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine called Thesis Club. This workshop focuses on practical topics geared to graduate student success and has received very positive feedback from participating students.

Faculty of Medicine receives international recognition for innovative learning spaces

The Faculty of Medicine received an AMX Innovation Award for its creation of an original and unique interface design for the new learning spaces in the Medical Education Centre on the St. John’s campus. The award, which included $25,000 in AMX hardware and software for Memorial, was received at UBTech 2015 in Orlando, Fla., celebrating innovative higher education institutions and their use of audiovisual and information technology. The original vision of the end user experience became a reality thanks to collaboration among a number of teams across campus: the health education technology and learning team in HSIMS; the graphic design team in HSIMS; computer support team in HSIMS; Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Learning and Teaching Support; the Memorial expansion team; Engineering Harmonics; Genesis Integration Inc; and faculty and staff in the Faculty of Medicine.
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