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How to Order Documents

Order an Article  |   Order a Book or A/V

If you access NLHKIN through a Regional Health Authority Membership, contact your local library first when wanting to order a document.

How to submit an order:

NLHKIN Online Order Forms
Use the NLHKIN Article Order Form to order articles.

Use the NLHKIN Book/Audio-Visual Order Form to order a book or video.

Things to consider before you make a request:

Book /Audio-Visual Loans
  • Allow 7 days for shipping by regular mail
  • Length of loan for books (subject to recall):
    • Books - 2 weeks (plus time for mailing)
    • Audio-visuals - 1 week (plus time for mailing)
  • Recalls. Items are subject to recall:
    • Immediately if required for Reserve
    • 2 weeks after the initial sign-out date if wanted by another library user
Journal Article Photocopies
  • Normally, requests for items that are available at the Health Sciences Library are processed within 2 working days. (Material not held by the Health Sciences Library will take longer, on average an additional 5 working days.)
  • Photocopies are normally delivered from the Health Sciences Library to you via regular mail, or electronically to your local library if this option has been arranged as part of the NLHKIN membership.
  • Special delivery mechanisms, such as fax, courier, and urgent processing, are available for a fee in addition to the copy fee.
  • Copyright law typically limits the amount of copying to one article per issue.
Tips for Choosing Articles
  • If the article has an abstract, it is likely a research article rather than an opinion piece.
  • The citation (or record) in a journal database often indicates the number of references used in the article - articles with few or no references may indicate opinion pieces or little review of the literature.
  • Viewing the full record in a journal database often provides information on the type of publication. e.g. review article, thesis, controlled trial, etc.
  • The length or number of pages is often an indication of the breadth/depth of an article.
Tips for Requesting Articles or Books
  • Give a date after which the material is no longer useful - the Health Sciences Library can then determine whether, and how, we can meet your deadline.
  • During busy periods, the Health Sciences Library reserves the right to limit processing to 5 articles per person per day, so either submit them in order of priority or note on the request if it is high priority.
  • Complete one form per request, following the instructions on the form.
  • For article requests include the Accession Number or Unique Identifier or PMID if you have it (this speeds processing).
  • When ordering articles check the MUN Libraries' catalogue to see if the Health Sciences Library holds the journal; if we don't, be aware that obtaining it for you may take longer.
  • Search the MUN Libraries' catalogue to identify book and audio-visual titles held by the Health Sciences Library.
  • Books that are on Reserve are not available for loan.
  • Keep a record of your requests and please don't duplicate them.

For further information see Document Delivery Service.