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Document Delivery Service

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The Newfoundland and Labrador Health Knowledge Information Network (NLHKIN) supplies quick, easy, affordable access to document delivery service through the Health Sciences Library of Memorial University of Newfoundland.


If you access NLHKIN through a Regional Health Authority Membership, contact your local library first when wanting to order a document.

Document Delivery Services include:
  • one-stop searching and ordering of articles.
  • online Order Forms within NLHKIN for submitting requests.
  • delivery of documents available at the Health Sciences Library will normally be processed within 2 working days of receipt of order. (PubMed and CINAHL records indicate whether an article is held at the Health Sciences Library, or at one of the other hospital libraries in the province.)
Regional Health Authority members may choose either:
  • Centralized ordering
    Document delivery orders will only be accepted from a central site designated by the Regional Health Authority member, e.g. the organization's library. Individual staff must submit their requests through the central site. Billing and delivery is also done through the central site.

  • Decentralized or staff-initiated ordering
    This option allows individual employees of the Regional Health Authority to submit orders directly to the Health Sciences Library. The Regional Health Authority member is responsible for loaned material, and payment of service fees. Billing goes to a centralized point designated by the Regional Health Authority member, e.g. the library. The member provides the names of the individuals authorized to order directly. The member also makes the decision as to whether orders are delivered to the individuals or via a central site.
Individual Members
  • Submit Document Delivery requests using the Article Request Form and Book-A/V Request Form

  • Submit Document Delivery requests directly in CINAHL. Please select the Health Sciences Library (MUN) from the "Document Delivery Options".

Cost for Journal Articles:

Normal Processing Fee $2.50 per item when available from the collection of the Health Sciences Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland
$5.00 or more for items retrieved from the library collections of other institutions

*Urgent Processing $10.00 per item + normal processing fee + special delivery fees

Cost for book/audio-visual loans:

Normal Processing Fee no delivery fee

$10.00 per item + special delivery fees

*Urgent requests will be processed by the next working day or sooner depending on the level of urgency. Requests should be submitted by fax to (709) 864-4968 and telephone contact made with Document Delivery at (709) 864-6070 to alert us to the request and the level of urgency.

For further information see How to Order Documents.