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Community Health graduates finish new program

Three years ago, a group of 10 students began a new program offering in Community Health. The diploma in clinical epidemiology was offered in a condensed intercession format, allowing people outside of St. John's to access the program. While some chose to finish the program through regular semester courses, two women from Labrador recently earned diplomas in clinical epidemiology completed entirely in three three-week intercession blocks.

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Margaret Webb (L) and Cathy Jong (R) recently completed diplomas in clinical epidemiology through special intercession course offerings.

Margaret Webb lives in Nain and Cathy Jong's home is in Happy Valley/Goose Bay. Doing the program in this format was the only way they could earn the diploma. As director of public health nursing for the Labrador Inuit Association, Ms. Webb needed a way to continue working and also pursue an academic education. "What I've studied through this program adds research skills to my abilities."

Cathy Jong, who works as a consultant in health care and education, noted there is a dearth of epidemiological expertise in Labrador. She said the skills she and Ms. Webb have learned will benefit health care research in Labrador.

The two women found the intercession format very intense, but noted that they had a lot of support from faculty in Community Health in completing the sessions.

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