Notebooks: Table of Contents

The Table of Contents identifies the entries that are included in the electronic version of the Notebooks. Pagination corresponds to Macpherson’s page numbering. Where titles have been created from the contents of the notebook, they are enclosed with square brackets.

Table of Contents: Notebook # 1

Page1   Old St. Johns, A macabre incident in the early 1880’s
Page 10   Famous Letter [from Admiral Mark Milbanke to George Hutchins, 1790]
Page 12   Portsmouth 10th January [Letter from Ambrose Crofton to The Honble W. Waldegrave, Vice Admiral of the Blue]
Page 56   Amy’s Cheap Wit
Page 59   Mother Country’s Debt to Newfoundland, Address by Mr. J.A. Cochrane, B.Sc. to Bible Classes at Cochrane Street United Church, February 22, 1937
Page 82   “Know Your Newfoundland” Quiz
Page 85   THE DAWN WIND by Rudyard Kipling
Page 87   Trinity Bay [poem by Mr. McNeily?]
Page 88   [Letter to Mr. Barnett, 27 August 1943]
Page 90   Atlantic Cable. Composed by C. Scovell, Signal Man, on board the “Great Eastern”, July, 1866
Page 91   [Letter To Old Time Telegraphers Association, New York, from Mr. A.M.Q. Blackadar, 1893 re: telegraph]
Page 98   [Telegraph, 1859]
Page 98A   [Telegraph, 1857]
Page 100   The Methodist Monthly Greeting, May, 1891, Wesley Centenary at St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh by C. Macpherson
Page 107   Extract from Minutes of a Quarterly Meeting of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, St. John’s, Newfoundland, held in the house of Rev. Elias Brettle, February 10th, 1851
Page 108   [Letter to Dr. Butt from Cluny Macpherson]
Page 111   Address Given By The Late Campbell Macpherson To Gower Street Epworth League Between 1904 and 8
Page 126   ‘A French Dialogue’ (Selected) By Stephen R. March, Campbell McPherson, N. Munden Norman, David H. Sclater, John H. Stuart, and Hugh J. Ferneaux, Provincial Wesleyan, July 10, 1864
Page 135   [Letter to Mr. Crewe from Cluny Macpherson, 1952]
Page 139   Mother Shipton’s Poem
Page 140   [Story about tuna fishing]
Page 143   Narwhal
Page 146   “Uradd” Christmas Greetings [Christmas card with a photograph of the lifeboat, Uradd]
Page 149   Capt. Macpherson at the War Office, Letter to his Excellency, May 15, 1915
Page 150   Lieut.-Colonel Cluny Macpherson, C.M.G., M.D., C.M., J.P., St. J. [gas mask]
Page 152   NEWFOUNDLAND – Record of Military Service, June 17, 1918
Page 154   In Our Greatest Need! [newspaper article, 1920]
Page 158   [Letter to Carberry from Cluny Macpherson, 20 October 1954]
Page 163   [Letter from the War Office Records Centre, England, 29 April 1954]
Page 164   [Letter to Cluny Macpherson from W. R. Martin, Provincial Secretary, The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. Newfoundland Command, 1954]
Page 167   Extract from Minute Book of the Newfoundland Medical Board – Secretary’s Report, 3 March, 1917, H. Rendell
Page 167A   Extract from Minute Book of Newfoundland Medical Board - Annual Report - 1918
Page 168   Extract from Minute Book of the Newfoundland Medical Board, December 23rd, 1915
Page 173   Remarks as Chairman of MOD, August 6, 1955
Page 180   Clan Macpherson Association, 1955 [Speech]
Page 186   [Speech: Cluny Macpherson to the Clan Macpherson Association of Canada, 14 September 1957]
Page 192   [Letter to Rivers from A.K. Macpherson of Pitmain, 18 July 1954]
Page 196   [Visit to Dr. Lachlan Macpherson in St. John, New Brunswick, 26 October 1954]
Page 199   [Letter re: medal of Clan Macpherson, 8 October 1895]
Page 200   [Letter to James from his cousin Mabel re: medal]
Page 201   [Letter to Mabel]
Page 202   [A note from Mother, I. Macpherson, 10 May 1928]
Page 203   Letters from our Readers, The Armorial Bearing of Canada [by G. H. Salisbury, Montreal, April 14]
Page 209   Clunemore is 15 miles South-West of Inverness
Page 214   CJON, St. Andrew’s Day [Speech, 30 November 1955]
Page 216   To the parents of Norma Catherine McKay, August 3, 1959
Page 217   [Letter to Mr. Walker, 3 August 1959]
Page 218   [Letter to Mr. (Dr.?) Morrison re: Old West Kirk in Grennock, Scotland, 3 August 1959]
Page 220   [Visit to Greenock, 25 July 1959]
Page 226   D.G. Lodge, E.C. 1953 Convention of Masters and Wardens. Speech re the Benevolent Institutions of the Craft
Page 234   Report of The Board of Benevolence, April 27th, 1954
Page 237   Board of Benevolence District Grand Lodge of NFLD. AF & AM, EC, 1953 - 54 [Receipts and Expenditures]
Page 238   I wish to make a report for the Masonic Memorial Fund, 1941
Page 240   [Speech re: Unveiling a Memorial tablet for Brother Masons of Newfoundland, 24 April 1951]
Page 245   Extract from letter from John Harvey Webb, 1954
Page 247   [Speech re: Masonry, October 26, 1955]
Page 251   I rise to propose the Toast of our new D.G.M. of the Scottish Constitution
Page 258   Copy. Letter from Earl S. Pinsent, Barrister and Solicitor, April 7th, 1928
Page 259   [Obituary re: Lucinda Macpherson, December 14, 1846]
Page 261   The Castaway of Fish Rock, or “Solomon French and the Loss of the Huntsman,” (by Rev. Geo. J. Bond)
Page 277   [Note re: grandfather clocks bought by Mr. Pitts of Bell Island from Benjamin Bowring of Exeter]
Page 278   Extract from letter from Rev. G.J. Bond, Feby. 28, 1923
Page 279   The Lost Portrait [2nd (typed) version]
Page 286   Extract from letter from my sister, Eva, Mrs. James Young
Page 290   Frank to Dallas on Paddy’s Engagement, 24/I/57
Page 293   The following are the names of the Medical Doctors who have lived and worked in Trinity
Page 294   Holy Trinity Church, Nice, The New East Window and Fresco Paintings [H.C., Feb. 1931]
Page 295   Extracted from Burke’s History of the Commoners
Page 301   [Extraction from In the Life of Bishop Feild re: Rev. George Hutchinson’s induction into the Parsonage at Battle Harbour, 1853]
Page 305   [Note re: Dr. Gallagher, Director of Medical Services inquiring about old medical acts and doctor’s fee, November 8th, 1950]
Page 306   Dear Dr. Kneller, October 29, 1954 [re: medical poetry]
Page 318   [Remarks re: the Queen’s clothes]
Page 320   The Decalogue, Found in Parish Register, Lancaster, Nottinghamshire, England, 1689
Page 323   The Bag Limit
Page 333   Illinois Man Visits His Birthplace, Vernonville, Oct. 20th, 1941 [Mr. James Thompson – uncle of Mrs. Cluny Macpherson]
Page 337   A dirge [written by Rev. George Bond when Wesleyan Minister at Tilt Cove in 1876]
Page 338   The after-care in a normal case of Partutition [sic] [Parturition]
Page 340   [Two Poems, one by B.C. Frere, and it contains a reference to Mrs. and Campbell Macpherson, 8-5-27]
Page 342   [Indenture between Thomas McMurdo, St. John’s, Alexander Reed, St. John’s, and his son John Alexander Reed, 1863]
Page 344   [Note about the vessel, Resolute, 1881]

Table of Contents: Notebook # 2

Page 1   [Cluny Macpherson’s note explaining to the reader the purpose of his notebook, written at Middlesex Hospital, London England]
Page 2   A Remarkable Coincidence [French Translation test]
Page 7   [Coronation Day. King George V, November 5, 1936]
Page 32   The Lost Portrait
Page 47   That Reminds Me [Founder’s Day Dinner of McGill Graduates]
Page 51   A Bad Night in the Straits of Bell Isle [voyage of the Julia Sheridan]
Page 66   At the Unveiling of the Letters Patent at Prince of Wales College, Dec - 2, 1958
Page 72   Quote from John Ruskin
Page 74   From a letter to Roberta (Bond) Nichols 1942 [Gestation Period of a Seal]
Page 84   [Envelope which held the 12 Photographs]
Page 85   Letter to Mrs. Ayer – Emma spry- from whose father, Thomas Spry, my father bought Mundy’s Pond house in 1890
Page 91   From a letter to my niece Margaret 1946 [Subject of Allergies]
Page 94   Physician turns Longshoreman
Page 116   Iceberg off Labrador showing Grenfell Mission Boat [Strathcona]
Page 118   Burns Nicht: 1935
Page 121   Farewell to a Departing Guest [to Sir Gordon Macdonald]
Page 122   [Riddle]
Page 123   Ubique [A story about the vessel Bruce in WWI]
Page 124   Ubique [A story about the vessel Bruce in WWI]
Page 125   At Pleasantville, 1914 [An episode]
Page 126   At Pleasantville Camp, October 1914 [Photograph: a description is written below the photograph]
Page 127   [Questions by Mr. W.W.Wills, Director of Bowring Brothers, April 28, 1941]
Page 128   An Episode at the War Office, 1915 [gas mask]
Page 133   Copy of a letter from Sir Harry Batterbee, who is at present (1939) High Commissioner for Great Britain in New Zealand, March 5, 1937 [plus Cluny Macpherson’s response]
Page 134   [Invention of First Gas Mask according to Dr. Macpherson]
Page 139   [Letter to Sir Gordon (Gordon – Taylor), October 6, 1958 regarding Macpherson’s connection with gas protection]
Page 161   [Newfoundland Censorship form]
Page 162   [Tale about two Newfoundland men]
Page 163   Dear Mr. Editor: Among the Deep Sea Fishers
Page 165   Portugal Cove Memorial, June 30, 1957
Page 166   Citation [Presentation by McGill University to Dr. Cluny Macpherson, 18 May 1960]
Page 168   [Story about a trip on the Allan Liner, Mongolian, 1909, -walking over the ice in St. John’s Harbour written 2 May 1961]
Page 181   [Letter to Macpherson from W.H. Horwood, 9 June 1915]
Page Feb 1962_1   [The following pages are not numbered in the notebook. February 7, 1962, Breakfast at Government House at which there was a discussion about Gallipoli]
Page 183   [Dr. Macpherson’s Table of Contents]

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