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Family Medicine
Welcome to MUN Family Medicine

MUN DFM has 300 of our past family medicine graduates working throughout the province of NL.   We want to welcome our new residents into the program and look forward to working with you!  We are looking to increase our training in areas of need by moving to streams and separate Carms sites in the future.  We are working collaboratively with health regions, local rural physicians and government to get more family physicians where they are needed around the province.  We are promoting the Patients’ Medical Home as a model for primary care in NL which we think has much to offer our patients, could result in healthcare cost savings down the road and better health outcomes for the populations.  See

MUN Family Medicine has a lot to offer. Working with our emergency medicine colleagues we plan to be the first program in Canada offering Point of Care Ultrasound for all our residents.  We have a PG program that has been grounded in rural training since its inception over 40 years ago and our track record of 5 Keith Awards from the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada ( over the past 13 years demonstrates how successful we are in training family physicians who stay in rural practice 10 years out.

Other anticipated programs for 2015 include an enhanced skills program in Care of the Elderly to help us meet the needs of the increasing demographic of seniors in NL. We are also planning for more service to areas such as inner city populations in St. John’s who are underserved or marginalized, immigrant and refugees, those with developmental disabilities and others where health equity issues need to be addressed. We believe this is an important part of our social accountability and essential education for our family medicine residents.

This is a dynamic and productive faculty. We have 300 part time teachers in over 40 communities. Explore our programs and see the amazing sites (and sights) across this beautiful province and beyond.  If you are considering us as a potential residency program, or family medicine elective, this is the place for a solid education and a wonderful life adventure in one of the friendliest and likely the liveliest province in Canada.   If you are a MUN medical student and want more exposure to family medicine, please let us know.  We want you to get the best exposure to family medicine we can provide. We are proud of our Family Medicine Interest Group – the winners of the national fundraiser Walk for the Docs at the national Family Medicine Forum in 2014, two years in a row! ( See the story and video of the award here.)

If you are considering a move to MUN as an academic family physician or researcher, we will be recruiting this year and next and would welcome your interest. Our Primary Healthcare Research Unit has been very successful and you may find we have an opportunity to make a difference that you would not want to miss. Feel free to contact us  - we would love to hear from you and listen to what you are looking for. The opportunities are here.

Welcome to Family Medicine at MUN.
Cathy MacLean

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If you are considering a move to MUN as an academic family physician or researcher, we will be recruiting this year and next and would welcome your interest. See our ad at