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Family Medicine

Family medicine’s move to new residency model attracts fresh interest.

Changes made to this years’ CaRMS sessions have given candidates a better understanding of the training opportunities unique to the various streams here in Newfoundland and Labrador. This year the Discipline of Family Medicine achieved a 100 per cent placement rate in the first iteration − the first time this has occurred since the 2010-11 academic year! We’re proud of our program and excited to welcome our new residents for 2015.

Introducing streams

There is a lot going on at Memorial University (MUN) in the Discipline of Family Medicine (DFM). This is our first year for Streams including our northern, rural (west and central) and eastern Carms sites. 

Our excellence in training rural family physicians has been well recognized by the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada over many years.

Our Point of Care Ultrasound PoCUS program is a first for family medicine residents in Canada.

We have over 300 of our Family Medicine (FM) graduates practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador and we are keen to recruit more.  This province needs more family physicians so we have many opportunities to offer post-graduation with wonderful colleagues.

Primary care renewal in NL

This is an exciting time for primary care renewal.  We are embracing the Patients Medical Home (PMH) and working with partners to create models of primary care that reflect the components of the PMH.
A request for proposal (RFP) to choose a single emergency medical responder (EMR) vendor for the province is already underway. Our Streams are promoting a hub and spoke model to support more remote communities. As well, we are working on initiatives to improve care and support to family physicians including open access scheduling to improve access.

Emergency Medicine enhanced skills program

We have an excellent and competitive enhanced skills program in emergency medicine, anticipate a new Care of the Elderly program in 2015 and one in Health Equity/Global Health in 2016.
Our medical school has won international recognition for its social accountability with the ASPIRE award and our programs are specifically designed to address existing areas of population need.  You can make a difference here.

PriFor 2015 – Patient oriented research that matters

Our annual PriFor research conference is coming up in June, 2015.  Research and scholarship in primary care are also a vibrant areas of activity in the DFM.

Check out PriFor

The theme this year is Patient Oriented Research that Matters. 

New GFT Faculty Positions

If you are considering a move to MUN as an academic family physician or researcher, we will be recruiting this year and next and would welcome your interest. Please see these links.

Family Medicine Assistant Professors

Family Medicine Primary Health Care Researcher


Family Medicine Postgraduate Office has moved!!
We're now located in the old UGME space, Room 2743, (for MUN grads) and across from Room 2767 or the next door down from Security when walking towards the medical school (for everyone else!)….
Phone numbers/Fax numbers/Email addresses: Those have stayed the same.
Mail address: Please note the change in the mail address to Room 2743.
Resident mailboxes: The mailboxes are currently still in the Family Practice Clinic photocopy room. They'll eventually be moved down!
We're still in the midst of unpacking but do drop by!