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Discipline of Pathology

Pathology Residency Program

Memorial University offers a residency programs in Anatomical Pathology accredited by the Royal College of physicians and surgeons of Canada. Responsibility and involvement in decision making increase throughout the five years of training, as skills and knowledge are applied to clinical problems, and professional attitudes are further developed. Entering trainees, therefore, are expected to be well grounded in general medicine and to have all the attributes of a physician. The program is under the charge of a residency director and has a Pathology Residency Committee on which there is elected resident representation.

Generally, 10 funded positions are available. Appointments to the program are usually made at the PGY-1 level, which provides a year of broad based clinical training. Applicants who consider that they have had a significant previous training in laboratory medicine are requested to have this validated by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons before submitting their applications. The number of residents in each of the four years of training remains flexible. A fifth year of specially designated training may be made available to trainees in good standing at the discretion of the appropriate residency Committee. Because of the design of the program and the need to certify competence to examining bodies, appointments to the fourth year of the program will rarely, if ever, be made from outside the program. All residents are registered as postgraduate students of Memorial University.

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