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Ask Buddy - Steve Pennell

About Buddy

When none of your colleagues, fellow students, staff, Residents, Faculty, family members and friends are available to help, there is a new mobile/web app designed to assist you in finding the relevant information. We call the app ‘Buddy’. Buddy is available to you from anywhere in the world. If you can connect with the Internet, you can ask Buddy to find the answer that you seek or get the help that you need. This need for information may be urgent (e.g.,” What do I do if I am injured at work (needle stick, fall, etc.)?”) or it may be less urgent, but still important (e.g., “What are the restrictions on personal or conference leave?”). Ask Buddy. If Buddy does not have the answer, it can help you contact someone who does.

The information found here is monitored and updated as necessary.

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