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Publications available in Acrobat .pdf format

The Milan Declaration - Positioning Technology to Serve Global Heart Health (2004).

The Osaka Declaration - Health Economics and Political Action: Stemming the Global Tide of Cardiovascular Disease (2001)Version in French

"Canadian Heart Health Initiative: Process Evaluation of the Demonstration Phase" (2001)

Marketing the Heart Health Vision - Delivering the "Preventive Dose" (2000) 

Science and Policy in Action (The 2000 Victoria Declaration - Women, Heart Disease and Stroke) (2000)

The Singapore Declaration - Forging the Will for Heart Health in the Next Millennium (1998)  (Not available in pdf yet) but visit to view the document in Word format

The Gramado Declaration - Concerning Health and the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (Brazil, 1997) visit to view the document

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Women, Heart Disease and Stroke in Canada:
Issues and Options (1997)

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The Catalonia Declaration - Investing in Heart Health (1995)


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Canadians and Heart Health: Reducing the Risk (1995)

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The Victoria Declaration on Heart Health (1992)
La Déclaration de Victoria sur la santé cardio-vasculaire (1992)

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The Canadian Heart Health Initiative: A Policy in Action (1992)

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Heart Health Equality: Mobilizing Communities for Action (1992)
(not available in pdf at this time)

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