Anatomy Image Collection:
The Nervous System

Lower Limb Innervation

Inguinal Ligament

Extends from the anterior superior iliac spine to the pubic tubercle. It is the lower border of the external oblique aponeurosis. It is the boundary between abdomen and thigh


Inguinal Lymph Nodes

A number of lymph nodes are located along the inguinal ligament and great saphenous vein (superficial inguinal nodes). This vein is often used in coronary bypass surgery


Femoral Triangle


Boundary and contents

Bound by the inguinal ligament, sartorius and adductor longus.
Floor formed by iliopsoas and pectinius
Contains the femoral nerve, femoral artery and femoral vein and lymphatics (vein is most medial in VAN)
Cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve supply skin of anterior thigh, medial leg, and medial side of foot.


Femoral Muscles

Muscles supplied by the femoral nerve are quadriceps, (vasti and rectus femoris) sartorius and pectineus
Pectineus has a dual nerve supply, being related to femoral and obturator nerves is supplied by both
Femoral group of muscles extend the knee and flex the hip




Femoral Nerve

From the lumbar plexus, contains fibers from posterior divisions of L2-4.
Is a mixed nerve

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Sensory Branches

Supply skin of anterior thigh as well as knee and hip joints
Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh is not a branch of femoral – it comes directly from lumbar plexus

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Posterior Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh


Gluteus Maximus

Reflection of skin exposes gluteus maximus and back of thigh



PCN is seen just distal to the lower border of gluteus maximus


PCN - Innervation

PCN extends to the back of the knee
It supplies skin of back of thigh and back of knee
(It sends a branch to supply the perineum)


Identify the Structures

Looking at the medial aspect of right lower limb



The saphenous nerve accompanies the great saphenous vein from the knee down. It is a sensory branch of the femoral and supplies the skin on medial leg and medial side of foot up to the ball of the big toe.