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Discipline of Surgery

Undergraduate Surgical Education - GS Teaching - CAGS Award

CAGS Excellence in Teaching Award
2003 Dr. Jeff Craswell
Award presented to Dr. Craswell (r) by Dr. Boone (l)
2004 Dr. Valerie Jefford
2005 Dr. Michael Hogan
2006 Dr. Michael Hogan
Dr. Alex Mathieson
2007 Dr. Alex Mathieson
2008 Dr. Andre Hodder
Dr. Wendy Wilmore
2009 Dr. Pamela Hebbard
2010 Dr. Christopher Smith
2011 Dr. N'Gai Porte
2012 Dr. David Isa
2013 Dr. Emily Rowsell
2014 Dr. Amanda Fowler
2015 Dr. Jenelle Taylor
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