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Postgraduate Medical Education

Memorial University offers 16 postgraduate training programs in the following disciplines: anatomical pathology; anesthesia; diagnostic radiology; general surgery; internal medicine and subspecialties medical oncology and nephrology; neurology; obstetrics/gynecology; orthopedic surgery; pediatrics; psychiatry and subspecialty child and adolescent psychiatry; and family medicine with enhanced skills in emergency medicine and care of the elderly.  

Further information available under Residency Programs & Directors.


At this year's International Conference in Medical Education in Milan, Italy, Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine received a 2014 ASPIRE Award for Excellence in Social Accountability of Medical Schools, from the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

The ASPIRE awards provide international recognition of excellence in medical education in the areas of Assessment, Student Engagement, and Social Responsibility and Accountability.

Helping the Faculty of Medicine achieve the ASPIRE award was MUN Med Gateway, the volunteer program for medical students which improves access to medical care for refugees, and the increased number of medical graduates who have stayed home to set up practice in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

With the receipt of the ASPIRE award, Memorial University is now one of only five medical schools worldwide to be recognized for excellence in social accountability.