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Medical Education and Laboratory Support Services (MELSS)

Room Bookings

Computerized teaching laboratory

Consultation for requirements, equipment, materials and set ups

Small group or wet laboratory preparations

Multidisciplinary rooms and equipment

The Multidiscipline Teaching Facilities Section of Medical Education and Laboratory Support (MELSS) have specific responsibilities for room bookings, materials and equipment supply and set up. Karen Stapleton is the person with primary responsibility for the 12 multidisciplinary rooms, ranging from small teaching laboratories meant for use by a maximum of 10 people, to larger teaching laboratories capable of accommodating groups of up to 20. The wet laboratories are equipped with gas, electrical and water, and with mobile furniture that can be set up in a number of different traditional wet laboratory teaching styles or conference styles. While the main client served by Multidiscipline Teaching Facilities is the Faculty of Medicine, there are many other users including Eastern Health, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and other outside groups. The Faculty of Medicine has first priority for teaching bookings.

Contact: Karen Stapleton for Multidisciplinary Lab room bookings


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