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Medical Education and Laboratory Support Services (MELSS)

Electron Microscopy/Flow Cytometry Unit

Transmission electron microscopy services

Processing, embedding and cutting

Photographic printing and enlargement

Flow cytometry testing and data analysis 

The Electron Microscopy unit is located on the first floor of the Health Science Center in room 1710. The unit houses a JEOL1200EX with digital camera and two Philips 300 transmission electron microscopes with plate cameras. There is a large specimen preparation room with two ultramicrotomes, a Reichert Ultracut S and Ultracut E. The facility has two technologists who provide a wide range of teaching and research support services as well as a Province wide clinical biopsy referral service for the various health care corporations.

The Flow Cytometry Unit is located in the same areas as the Electron Microscopy unit and has a BD FACS Calibur bench top flow cytometer with two lasers, 488nm and 635nm. The operating program for the flow cytometer is Cell Quest Pro and data analysis can be performed using Cell Quest Pro and Mod Fit. The unit provides testing, analysis and training on a fee for service basis.

Contact Person:

Kathryn Williams, RT. BSc. MSc.
Phone: (709) 864-6556

Stephanie Tucker
Phone: (709) 864-6556

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