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Whether you are a new or experienced faculty member, this handbook provides core information of importance to faculty members.

The Faculty Handbook includes a Directory of Contacts, readily accessible Emergency Information, and links to content on our core programs and faculty responsibilities. The search feature can help you find relevant content. 

This is document is regularly reviewed and updated. Revised content is featured in the Handbook Updates section below. Your input in this process is important and valued. To report errors or omissions, or to provide suggestions for improvement, contact

Handbook UPDATES

  • Do you think your research would benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration? The Faculty of Medicine, in partnership with the Faculty of Science, is collaborating to host a networking event for faculty researchers in medicine and science. Contact Research and Graduate Studies for more information.
  • Phase 4/clerkship preceptors: the detailed descriptors for each Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) are now available in list form. Visit the EPA page for a pdf of EPAs for your discipline.
  • No Scent is the Best Scent. To provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment for faculty, students and staff, all Faculty of Medicine facilities are scent-free, at all times. Visit the Wellness and Workplace Health section for more details.
  • Are you teaching in the undergraduate medical education program? The student assessment section now includes an assessment FAQ section and an updated exam question submission checklist.