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Peizhong Peter Wang

Community Health and Humanities
MD, MPH (Tianjin Medical University), PhD (Toronto)

Professor of Epidemiology

RM: HSC 2850
t: 709 864-6497
f: 709 864-4991

Research Interests:
  • cancer epidemiology
  • arthritis epidemiology
  • disability
  • statistics modeling
  • hepatitis epidemiology
  • quality of life
  • survey methods


Ongoing and Recently Completed Research Projects:

Zhu Y, Wang PP et al.  Investigating the effects of red/pickled meat intake and dietary nitrites/nitrate/nitrosodimethylamine on CRC risk in NL adult population, $36,000, NLCAHR 2011-2013 (PI through student award)
Woodrow J, Wang PP. et al. The Aging Population and Its Health Impact in Newfoundland and Labrador: Long-term Projections and Statistical Simulations for Selected Chronic Health Conditions and Disability, $60,000, NLCAHR 2011-2014  (PI through student award)
Aubrey-Bassler, FK, Godwin M, Simms A, Moineddin R, Collins K, Wang PP, Yi Y, and Glazier R.  A Multi-level Model of the Effects of Primary Care Reform on Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospital Outcomes, $150,000, CIHR 2012-2014.
Maddalena V, Fiona S, Barrett B and Wang PP. Palliative Care Needs of People with End Stage Renal Disease in Newfoundland and Labrador, $40,000, NLCAHR, 2012-2013.
Halfyard B, Wang PP, and Jeff Dowden.  Examining the predictors of breast cancer screening in Newfoundland and  Labrador: The complex interplay of its multiple influences. $60,500, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), 2011-2013.
Halfyard B, Wang PP, and Jeff Dowden.  Examining the predictors of cervical screening in Newfoundland and  Labrador: The complex interplay of its multiple influences. $15,000, Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Cervical Screening Initiatives, 2011-2013.
Wang PP, Roebothan B, Cotterchio M, Ryan A, Guang S, and Yi YQ.  Assessing the validity of a self-administered food-frequency questionnaire (FFQ) in the adult population of Newfoundland and Labrador. $40,000, NLCAHR, 2010-2012.
Wang PP and Zhao J.  Examining the direct and indirect effects of socioeconomic status (SES) on colorectal cancer risk using structural equation modelling analyses.  CIHR Cancer Research Training Program, $35,700, 2010-2012. (PI through student award).

Godwin M, Duke P, Wang PP, Allison D, Asghari S. Green M. Utilization of Family Physicians in the H1N1 Vaccination Programs during the Pandemic of the fall of 2009 in the Canadian Provinces and Territories. $100,000, CIHR, 2011-2012.
Wang PP, Maddalena V., Jin YP, Yi Y. Barriers for medical care utilization for elderly Chinese immigrants.  $10,000, Centre for Urban Health Initiative (CUHI), March 2011-2012.  
Duke P, Godwin M, Wang PP, Mugford J, Traverso-Yepez M, Pike A, Ratnam S, Lear A, Fontaine D, Dawson L, Ravalia, and Graham W, and Effect of Vaginal Self-Sampling On Cervical Cancer Screening Rates: A Community-Based Study. $195,061, CIHR-RPP, 2009-2012.
Young W, Heisz K, Buehler S, Gadag G,  Gien L, Law  R, Maddalena V, Mulay S, Murray C, Wang PP.  Health literacy of older New Canadians in St. John’s NL and Toronto, $10,000, Ontario CUHI RIG Seed Grant 
Halfyard B, Wang PP, Crane J, and Newhook LA. The impact of delivery by caesarean section on infant and child health in Newfoundland and Labrador, $11,000 Janeway Foundation, 2009-2010
Mathews M, Wang PP, West R, Gadag V, Smith W. and Dawe P.  Smith Wait time related experiences, satisfaction, and expectations for breast and prostate cancer care. $300,000, CIHR, 2008-2011.
Wang PP, Mathews M, Squires D, Buehler S. Krahn M, and Cheung A. Examining quality of life and health outcomes after hip fracture in urban-rural Newfound – a pilot study. $10,000, NL Medical Research Foundation (MRC). 2008-2009.

Wang, PP and A Louck-Atkinson.  Health Aging in Newfoundland and Labrador: An Epidemiological Study to Enghance Mobility and Participation in Society.  $10,000, Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research (NLCAHR), 2008-2009.
Edward N, Wang PP, Hand J, and L. Bowes.  The role of high birth weight on incidence of childhood leukemia in Newfoundland and Labrador. $13,369Janeway Foundation, 2008-2009.
Wang PP and Squires J. A study to investigate the effect of meat consumption on the incidence of CRC in Newfoundland and Ontario. CIHR-IHRT Studentship Award, $35,000, 2007-2009. (PI through student award)
Wang PP and Sun ZY.  Dietary factors and microsatellite Instability in sporadic colorectal cancer, NLCAHR, MSc Fellowship Award, $36,000, 2007-2009. (PI through student award)

Kearney, A, Wang, PP, Warren, E, and Laing K. Pilot phase of a retrospective study examining the role of personal palpation in the detection of invasive breast cancer, $5,304, The Reseasrch Proposal Approval Committee [RPAC] of the Medical Advisory and Board of Trustee of Eastern Health, 2007-2008
Wang PP, Gadag V, Sharon B, West R, Mathews M, Roebothan B, and Donavan C. Belledune Community Health Study (pilot study) $5,000, Ministry of Health, New Brunswick, 2006
Co-Investigator: Interdisciplinary research on the determinants and impact of colorectal cancer: Molecular-genetic factors, risk modifiers and population health (CIHR team in interdisciplinary research on colorectal cancer) Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), team grant, 2006, $3,600,000, 2006-2011
Wang PP (team leader), McLaughlin J, Roebotham B, Knight J, Cotterchio M, Briollais L and Parfrey P.  Exploration of Risk Factors, Inter-provincial Differences and Risk Modifiers, Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) as part of the CIHR team grant 2006, $229,000, 2006-2011


  • MED6270 Epidemiology I
  • MED6274 Chronic Disease Epidemiology
  • MED6275 Epidemiology II

Select Publications
1.    Liu JJ, Zhang S, Hao X, Xie J, Zhao J, Wang J, Liu L, Wang PP, and Zhang J. Breast-Conserving Surgery versus modified radical mastectomy: socioeconomic status determines who receives what – results from case-control study in China. Cancer Epidemiol, 2011 (Epub ahead of print)
2.      Sun ZY, Wang PP, Roebothan B, Zhao J, Zhu Y, Cotterchio M, Green R, Buehler S, Zhao J, Squires, J. Zhao J, Zhu Y, Dicks E, Campbell PT, Mclaughlin J and Parfrey J. Calcium and Vitamin D and risk of Colorectal Cancer: results from a large population-based case-control study in Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario. Can J Public Health, 2011;102:382-389. (PI and corresponding author)
3.      Qi XY, Sun J, Wang J, Wang PP, Jia ZL, Wu TY, Wang JH, Murphy M, and  Xu WL
Latent autoimmune diabetes and the associated factors -- a population based epidemiological study in China, Diabetes Care, 2011:34:66-70. 
4.      Myles A, Mugford G, Zhao J, Krahn M, and Wang PP. Physicians’ attitudes and practice towards treating injection drug users with hepatitis C – results from a national specialist survey in Canada. Can J Gastroenterol, 2011; 25:135-139. (PI and corresponding author) --
5.      Zhao JH, Halfyard H, West, Buehler S, Roebothan, Buehler, Sun ZY, Cotterchio M, Younghusband, Squires J, McLaughlin J, Parfrey P, Wang PP. Tobacco Smoking and Colorectal Cancer: A population-based Case-Control Study in Newfoundland and Labrador. Can J Public Health, 2010; 101:281-289. (PI and corresponding author)
6.      Sikdar KC, Wang PP, MacDonald D, and Gadag VG. Diabetes and Its Impact on Health-related Quality of Life:A Life Table Analysis, Qual Life Res, 2010; 19:781-7.
7.      Squires J, Roebothan B, Buehler S, Sun ZY., Cotterchio M, Younghusband B, Dicks E., Mclaughlin J, Parfrey J, Wang PP. Pickled meat consumption and colorectal cancer (CRC): A case-control study in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Cancer Causes and Control; 2010 21:1513-21 (PI and corresponding author) 
8.      Li W, Chen KX, Halfyard B, Li HX, Qian BY and Wang PP Validation Study of the Chinese version of the   Illness Intrusiveness Ratings Scale, J Psychosom Res. 2011, 70:67-72.
9.      Sun Z, Xiong H, Kearney A, Zhang J, Liu W, Huang GW, Wang PP. Breast cancer screening among Asian immigrant women in Canada. Cancer Epidemiol 2010;34(1):73-8. (PI and corresponding author) 
10. Xiong H, Mathews M, Gadag V, Murphy D, Wang PP.Cervical Cancer Screening Among Asian Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Women in Canada. Am J Health Behav 2010;34:131-143. (PI and corresponding author) 
11. Yang Z, Wang S, Li Q, Li Y, Wei M, Gao H, Donovan C, and Wang PP. Determining SARS sub-clinical infection --- a longitudinal sero-epidemiological study in recovered SARS patients and controls after an outbreak in a general hospital. Scand. J. Infect. Dis, 2009; 41:507-510.( corresponding author)
12. Sun ZY, Xiong H, Zhang XM, Huang GW, and Wang PZ. Examining the health status and the associated factors of Asian immigrants in Canada. Chin J Epidemiol (PUBMED indexed Chinese journal with English abstract), 2009;30:260-364. (PI and corresponding author) 
13. Wang PP, Dicks E, Gong XY, Buehler S, Zhao JH, Younghusband B. Squires J, McLaughlin J. and Parfrey P. Validity of random-digit-dialing in recruiting controls in a case-control study. Am J Health Behav 2009;33:513-20.
14. Wang PP. Causal effect decomposition and its implications in epidemiological studies. JP Journal of epidemiological Studies. 2008;2:169-184.
15. Liu W, Hao XS, Chen Y, Li HX, Wang SJ, Wang P,  Jin Y, Guan LJ, Fan Q, Song LN, Ping YM, Wang R, iu JF, Wang Xl. Ymph node metastases from carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus and cardia: a random sample report of 1526 cases, Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology, (PUBMED Chinese journal with English abstract) 2008; 35:601-605. 
16. Liu W, Hao XS, Fan Q, Li HX, Song LN, Wang SJ, Wang P, Chen Y, Jin Y, Guan LY, Ping YM, Meng XL, Wang R, Liu JF, Wang XL. Cox proportional hazard model analysis of prognosis in patients with carcinoma of esophagus and gastric cardia after radical resection Chinese Journal of Oncology (PUBMED indexed Chinese journal with English abstract), 2008;30:921-5. 
17. Yi QL, Wang PP, and He YH. Reliability analysis for continuous measurements: Equivalence test for agreement. Stat Med. 2008;27:2816-25.
18. Liu W, Liu W, Hao XS, Jin Y, Li HX, Wang P et al (co-author, major role). Analysis of clinicopaologic features of esophageal caner patients after surgery – a report of 4,329 cases Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology (PUBMED indexed Chinese journal with English abstract) 2008; 35:241-244.
19. Li Q, Li H, Qin Y, Wang PP, Hao X.  Comparison of surgical outcomes for small hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with hepatitis B versus hepatitis C: a Chinese experience. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007; 22:1936-41.
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25. Chen KX, Wang PP, Hao XS, et al. “Has lung cancer incidence rate reached its peak?” Twenty-year lung cancer incidence trend analysis based a Chinese urban population. Lung Cancer 2006; 51:13-9. (Corresponding author, major role) 

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