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Chris Kaposy

Community Health and Humanities
BA (McMaster), MA (Concordia), PhD (State University of NY)

Assistant Professor of Health Care Ethics

Program Coordinator, Master of Health Ethics program
(Bioethics Master’s degree at Memorial –

Twitter @ChrisKaposy

Rm: HSC 2830
Tel: (709) 777-2338 Fax: (709) 777-7382

Research Interests:
  • disability theory and disability rights
  • ethical and policy issues in abortion care
  • public health ethics
  • clinical ethics
  • neuroethics
  • ethics of vaccine research and vaccination programs

  • MED 6801 Important Cases in Health Ethics
  • Other Master of Health Ethics courses
  • Ethics curriculum for medical students

Select Publications:

2013    “A Personal Experience of Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome,” Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research 3(1) 18-21.


2013    “A Disability Critique of the New Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome,” Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 23(4) 299-324.


2013  “Drugs, Money, and Power: The Canadian Drug Shortage,” Journal of Bioethical Inquiry DOI 10.1007/s11673-013-9494-z.


2013    Richard Singleton, Katherine Chubbs, Jennifer Flynn, Chris Kaposy, Gary Peckham, Jacintha Penney, and Daryl Pullman, “From Framework to the Frontline: Designing a Structure and Process for Drug Supply Shortage Planning,” Healthcare Management Forum 26(1) 41-45.


2013    Chris Kaposy and Françoise Baylis, “Ethical Issues in Pregnancy and Reproduction” in Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice, Second Edition, J. Storch, P. Rodney, and R. Starzomski eds. Toronto: Pearson Education, pp.473-490.


2012    Chris Kaposy and Natalie Bandrauk, “Prioritizing Vaccine Access for Vulnerable but Stigmatized Groups,” Public Health Ethics 5(3) 283-295.


2012    Chris Kaposy and Lorraine Lafferty, “Overcoming Liability Concerns in Vaccine Trials Involving Pregnant Women,” Accountability in Research 19(3) 156-174.


2012    Chris Kaposy and Sarah Khraishi, “A Relational Analysis of Pandemic Critical Care Triage Protocols,” International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 5(1) 70-90.


2012    “Two Stalemates in the Philosophical Debate about Abortion and Why they Cannot be Resolved Using Analogical Arguments,” Bioethics 26(2) 84-92.


2012    Kimberly Bonia, Fern Brunger, Laura Fullerton, Chad Griffiths, Chris Kaposy, Barbara Mason, Megan Morrison, Melody Morton-Ninomiya, and Ashley Patten, “DAKO on Trial: A Case-Study in the Politics of a Medical Controversy,” Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 16(3) 275-295.


2012    Donna Atkinson, Mona Shum, Chris Kaposy, and Margo Greenwood, “Health Inequities in First Nations Communities and Canada’s Response to the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic,” in Population and Public Health Ethics: Cases from Research, Policy, and Practice, Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Population and Public Health. Toronto: University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics, pp.153-157.


2012    Mona Shum, Donna Atkinson, and Chris Kaposy, “First Nations Drinking Water Policies,” in Population and Public Health Ethics: Cases from Research, Policy, and Practice, Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Population and Public Health. Toronto: University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics, pp.92-96.


2011    “The Influence of the Stigma of Obesity on H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Sequencing in Canada in 2009” Vaccine 29: 9607-9610.


2010    “The Supposed Obligation to Change One’s Beliefs about Ethics Because of Discoveries in Neuroscience,” The American Journal of Bioethics – Neuroscience 1(4) 23-30.


2010    Chris Kaposy and Françoise Baylis, “Ethical, Evidence-Based Guidelines for Contraceptive Use in Research,” IRB: Ethics and Human Research 32(5) 1-9.


2010    “Proof and Persuasion in the Philosophical Debate about Abortion,” Philosophy and Rhetoric 43(2) 139-162.


2010    Françoise Baylis and Chris Kaposy, “Wanted: Inclusive Guidelines for Research Involving Pregnant Women,” Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada 32(5) 473-476.


2010    “Accounting for Vulnerability to Illness and Social Disadvantage in Pandemic Critical Care Triage,” Journal of Clinical Ethics 21(1) 23-29.


2010    “Improving Abortion Access in Canada,” Health Care Analysis 18(1) 17-34.


2009    Chris Kaposy and Jocelyn Downie, “Reproductive Choice in Canadian Courts: An Evidence-Based Call for a Move to Relational Autonomy,” The Advocates’ Quarterly 36(1) 86-104.


2009    “The Public Funding of Abortion in Canada: Going Beyond the Concept of Medical Necessity,” Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy 12(3) 301-11.


2009    “Will Neuroscientific Discoveries about Free Will and Selfhood Change our Ethical Practices?” Neuroethics 2(1) 51-59.


2008    Chris Kaposy and Jocelyn Downie, “Judicial Reasoning about Pregnancy and Choice,” Health Law Journal 16 281-304.


2008    “Ethical Muscle and Scientific Interests: A Role for Philosophy in Scientific Research,” The Quarterly Review of Biology 83(1) 77-86.


 2007    “Can Infants Have Interests in Continued Life?” Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 28(4) 301-30.

Funded Grants:



Granting Agency

My Role



“Advancing Primary Healthcare for Persons Living with HIV in Canada”

CIHR Team Grant

Co-Principal Investigator with 6 others across Canada (C. Liddy, U of Ottawa is Nominated PI).


41 co-investigators

$2498494 over 5 years


“Organizational Ethics in the Midst of Crisis: Examining the Perceived Roles and Responsibilities of RHA Boards with Regard to Monitoring Quality”

Eastern Health Commission of Inquiry Research Funding Program

Co-Principal Investigator with

V. Maddalena.



F. Brunger,

V. Kaminski,

D. Pullman,

R. Singleton



“Vaccination During Pregnancy: Issues in Translational Ethics and Research Ethics”

CIHR Fellowship

Fellowship for study at Canadian Center for Vaccinology

·         Fellowship supervisors: S. Halperin, N. MacDonald



“The Concept of Choice in Canadian Judicial Reasoning about Reproduction”

Law Foundation of Nova Scotia

Co-Principal Investigator with J. Downie



“Whose Life is it Anyway? Assisted Suicide in Canada”

CIHR Café Scientifique

Co-Principal Investigator with C. Cline